Waste Transfer & Recycling Station

Stokes County

Waste Transfer & Recycling Station
2015 Sizemore Road
Germanton, NC 27019

Hours of Operation  Monday - Friday

8:30 A.M. till 4:30 P.M.
Saturday  8:30 A.M till 12:00 P.M.

Closed Sundays, Major Holidays, and Inclement  Weather Days

Solid Waste Holiday Schedule
11/10 Friday - Closed for Veterans Day
11/11 Saturday - Reopen

11/23 Thursday and 11/24  Friday - Closed for Thanksgiving
11/25 Saturday - Reopen

12/25 Monday,  12/26 Tuesday,  12/27  Wednesday - Closed for Christmas
12/28 Thursday - Reopen

No Out of County waste will be accepted at any  of our sites and, for safety and efficiency, please  follow all instructions from, landfill employees  and site attendants during each visit.

Fee Schedule:
Commercial Rate is $3 for the 1st 100lbs / $4 each additional 100 lbs.
Residential Customer Rate is $6 for the first 200 pounds of  Construction and Demolition Material and $3 for each additional 100 pounds (all loads are rounded “UP” to the next 100  lb.)

Payments may be made in cash, check, debit or credit  cards. $35.00 fee on all returned checks.

Recyclable Items not charged for unless brought as a  “Mixed Load”:
Call 336-994-2357 for more information

  • Large White Good Appliances – Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers,  Stoves, Water Heaters, Etc.
  • Large White Goods Appliances – (these items must be placed in  staging area for Freon recovery) Air Conditioners, Refrigerators,  Freezers, Dehumidifiers, and Water Coolers (must be empty)
  • Any electronics with a cord, including but not limited to  Microwaves, Computers and Televisions will be accepted as  Recyclable Appliances and may be  disposed of at NO Charge.  (these items must be placed in designated area).
  • Clean Scrap Metal – Bed rails, Tin, Gutters, Pipe, Etc. (clean scrap  metal is that which has no wood, plastic, glass or any other material attached to it).


  • Lawn mowers, Bicycles, Wood Stoves, and  Furnaces (can be placed in the scrap metal box.)
  • Motor Oil and filters, Antifreeze, Tires (on or off  the rim).
  • Large Batteries (lawn mower, vehicle, etc.)
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Wire, Fencing, or Wheel Barrels with wooden handles will not be accepted as  scrap metal and must be paid for to dispose of.  Grills are accepted as scrap metal unless a lot of  plastic wood or glass is attached.

Additional Waste Recycling Available at the  Stokes County Waste Transfer/Recycling  Station:

  • Clear, Brown, and Green Bottle Glass (without lids)
  • Corrugated Cardboard (no restrictions)
  • Aluminum and Steel Cans
  • Newspapers, magazines, telephone books and paper bags

Recyclable Plastics:

  • Only plastic bottles and  jugs are accepted. No oil or chemical containers. No trays, bags, or tubs.

Items that CAN NOT be brought to the  Stokes County Waste Transfer/Recycling  Station to be disposed of:

  • Burned Trash or any other burned items
  • Gas Tanks of any type (vehicle, propane, freon,  Etc.)
  • Rocks, Dirt (small amounts of brick, block, or concrete can be brought).
  • Building Materials with asbestos in them.
  • Dead Animals
  • Pesticides, Wet paint, or Liquid stain (no  chemicals
  • If you have wet paint just open the can, put some dirt, sand, or cat litter in it, let it dry and then you can bring it.

Special Note:

  • Bagged Trash is also accepted at this facility.
  • Free to residential customers ONLY, unless exceeds 200 pound limit,  per trip. Excessive bagged trash (over 200 pounds) is charged at the same rate as C&D waste.
  • Businesses and Commercial Haulers will be charged according to fee schedule.