Alcohol Inspection Request

Other Services




Fire Reports

Copy of N.C. / Investigative Reports to requesting party. Includes N.C. Reports and FMO Investigative Report. No charge if requested by the property owner or victim.


ALE License Inspection

Inspection of business in order to obtain Alcohol License. Covers up to two inspection visits. Add $15.00 for each additional visit.


Hazardous Materials Response

$20.00 per hour for each county employee utilized for the spill, billed to the spiller. Spiller also billed for on separate invoice  for the actual cost of supplies.

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Bomb Scare Response

$20.00 per hour for each employee on the scene of the incident. Charge an additional $40.00 per County vehicle that responded to the scene from the office.

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Special Plans Review / Consultation / Drafting

This includes situations where the plans review work is not covered in the cost of the permit or when no permit will be issued after plans review. This also includes consultation and plans drafting services.


Digital Images

Digital images only in printed format. An 8x10 color image costs $5.00 each, smaller color images are $3.00 each all color images are limited to a maximum number of 3 per event. Black and White laser prints are $1.50 each for an 8x10 image with a limit of 5 images per event. These costs and standards do not apply to law enforcement agencies assisting with the investigation.

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Other Professional Service Work

Other professional services are based on the actual amount of time per employee at $20.00 per hour.