Inmate Transportation Scheduling

To Schedule an Inmate Transport
The Court Services Division provides security for the courthouse. Deputy Sheriffs have the responsibility of providing security for judges and other court officials as well as jurors, handling prisoners, and observe all persons entering the courtrooms to try to prevent illegal items or contraband that are not allowed into the courthouse facility. Deputy Sheriff’s have the responsibility for the service of summonses, warrants, orders of protection, and all other law enforcement matters occurring in the courthouse. The Court Services Division also handles all inmate transports whether picking up an inmate on a Writ, from another jail, or returning inmates back to the NC Department of Corrections facilities. Stokes County Sheriff’s Office transport cars may be seen anywhere in the state of NC and on occasion, they may be seen out of state. If you need to schedule an inmate pickup or speak with someone about arranging inmate transportation you may contact Captain Eads at (336) 593-8787.


Kyle Bouldin

(336) 593-2811 Ext. 1410

Christy Smith—Records

(336) 593-2811 Ext. 1406

Transportation Fax Number