The detectives division consist of  experienced deputies that are responsible for investigating crimes against people and property. If an arrest in a case, the detective will follow the case through District Court, Grand Jury, and Superior Court. This can be a long process as the cases moves through the court system. These dedicated professionals are committed to holding criminals accountable by making sure they have a well prepared case and work within the boundaries of the law. This takes a lot of man hours.


Captain Don Johnson

(336) 593-2471

Det. Sgt. D. Brown

(336) 593-2811 Ext. 2486

Det. R. Hairston

(336) 593-2811 Ext. 2469

Det. D. Johnson

(336) 593-2811 Ext. 1613

Det. C. Kapps (PT)

(336) 593-2811 Ext. 1371

Det. K. Reid

(336) 593-2470

Det. L. Smith

(336) 593-2473

Det. C. Smith

336-593-2811 x 1353

Det. S. Black

336-593-2811 Ext. 1318