Adoption Rates

Adoption Fees & Procedures

Adoption Fees & Procedures


Canines (Dogs): $175.00

Includes: Adoption Fee, Rabies Vaccination (or voucher if not of age), Spay/Neuter voucher, Heartworm Test, First DHPP Vaccine, Parasite Treatment and Flea treatment. 

Felines (Cats): $125.00

Includes: Adoption Fee, Rabies Vaccination (or voucher if not of age), Spay/Neuter voucher, Parasite Treatment, Flea Treatment, First FVRCP Vaccinations.

The adoption of a new pet should be a carefully thought-out process. If you decide you are ready to adopt, please don't forget your county animal shelter.  We would love to see our animals get responsible, forever homes.

We ask that you read over the following "Pet Owners Pledge" and ponder the responsibilities of pet ownership before making a final decision.

After you and your family decide that you are ready for this new challenge, you must give thought as to what pet is right for your lifestyle.  The area in which you live is always a factor.  Is your residence large enough to house the animal you choose?  Does the animal you are interested in need a fenced in yard for exercise or will you walk the animal several times a day? Should you adopt a small or large pet?  Should it be short haired or long haired?  What items will you need to care for this pet? Can you financially afford a pet, knowing that sometimes an emergency may arise that could cost hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars…

The adoption procedure at the Stokes County Animal Shelter is as follows:

Stray animals are held for 3 working days (72 hours) to enable the owner an opportunity to claim their pet.  At the end of the holding period, adoptable animals go through a medical intake and then go up for adoption. We do not have a licensed Veterinarian at our facility and therefore, we are not able to guarantee the health of animals adopted from our shelter.  We highly recommend having your new pet examined and deemed healthy by a veterinarian.  We also request all animals be spayed or neutered to eliminate the overpopulation of unwanted stray animals.