Real Estate taxes are the responsibility of the owner as of  January 1. 
Click here for information on Motor Vehicle taxes .

Real Estate taxes are due by January 5.  A 2% discount is offered during the month of August.
Discounts not taken are forfeited.

Interest Charges

Real Estate taxes that are past due are assessed  2% interest  for the first month and an additional 3/4 % interest for each month thereafter.

Past due real estate taxes are subject to enforcement measures including, but not limited to, levy of personal property, garnishment of wages and/or bank accounts, foreclosure, and withholding of NC state tax refunds.

Motor Vehicle taxes that are past due are assessed 5% interest for the first month and  3/4% interest for each month thereafter.  Once a Motor Vehicle tax bill  becomes four (4) months past due,  the county tax collector will issue a block on the registration.

If a vehicle receives a block, the registration cannot be renewed again until the taxes plus interest have been paid. Registration can only be renewed on a blocked vehicle after a paid tax receipt has been presented to DMV.

The County collects all taxes due for the Town of Danbury and the Town of Walnut Cove. 
The County collects
ONLY motor vehicle taxes due for the City of King.
The City of King collects all Real Estate and Personal Property Tax. 
For information on the status of collections other than motor vehicles for the City of King,
you may contact the them at 336-983-5164.