County Owned Surplus Property

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Listed tax parcels are being sold in accordance with North Carolina General Statues 105-376 (c) as real property purchased at a tax foreclosure sale by a taxing unit. Stokes County is selling its “Tax Interest” only in the property and will be issuing a quitclaim deed only. No survey or title search has been completed. It is possible for there to be outstanding deeds of trust attached to property.

Upset Bids Procedure – North Carolina General Statute 153A-176, 160A-269

Stokes County is soliciting offers to purchase advertised tax foreclosed property. When an offer is made and the Board of Commissioners propose to accept it, the Board will require the bidder to deposit five percent (5%) of his/her bid amount with the Support Services Supervisor, and shall publish a notice of the offer. The notice shall contain a general description of the property, the amount and terms of the offer, and a notice that within 10 days any person may raise the bid by not less than ten percent (10%) of the first one thousand dollars ($1,000) and five percent (5%) of the remainder. When a bid is raised, the bidder shall deposit with the Support Services Supervisor five percent (5%) of the increased bid amount, and the Support Services Supervisor shall re-advertise the offer at the increased bid amount. This procedure will be repeated until no further qualifying upset bids are received, at which time the Board of Commissioners may accept the offer and sell the property to the highest bidder.

The Stokes County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any and all offers received if the Board deems it to be in the best interest of Stokes County.

 To make an offer to purchase a listed parcel, contact Danny Stovall, Support Services Supervisor, at 336-593-2452.

 Questions concerning property locations or travel directions, contact the Tax Office at 336-593-2811.

Parcel Number

2011 Value

Property Location

Deed Bk/Pg

Taxes Owed

 as of 6/1/2012



Lasley Street

524 / 2185




LOT 50 Fulton Heights

537 / 2019




.51 Dry Hallow

554 / 1774




LOT 116 Dan River Shores

558 / 634




0.3 Hwy 772

567 / 2389




.50 Hwy 772

582 / 2459




Off Hollow Rd.

601 / 457




Windy Hill Rd.

615 / 510




1.54 ac N. Mill St.

615 / 1299




Hwy 89

204 / 61



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