Jail Administrator

Stokes County Jail

Captain A. Tuttle

Jail Administrator

Sheriff Mike Joyce

The Stokes County Jail is located at 1013 Main Street, Danbury. N.C. 27016.

The mission of the Stokes County Jail is to provide a divisional link and professional bridge to the Office of Sheriff and to provide the Sheriff of Stokes County the confinement support of lawfully detained individuals, who have been ordered detained, committed, or confined in the local county facility through statutory and/or judicial process. In addition, the Stokes County Jail is duty bound to provide a safe and secure environment for the citizens of Stokes County, as well as individuals confined within the Stokes County Jail. The Stokes County Jail will endeavor to abide by, protect and enforce the requirements, rules and regulations of the North Carolina Sheriff’s Education and Training Standards Commission, as well as the lawful statutes of the State of North Carolina and the Constitution of the United States of America.