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My mission as your sheriff will be to continue to provide strong security for our citizens and to protect our most valuable resource, our children. Stokes County has always been my home. I know of no better place to live or raise a family. I am committed to doing my part as your sheriff to keep it that way. As sheriff, I will strive to provide security so that our citizens know that they are being kept safe, as well as their children because the safety of the people of Stokes County is my number one priority. I will have a zero tolerance for anyone seeking to do them harm to anyone within or outside this county. Through the years, I have become a strong advocate against domestic violence, and will continue to fight as your sheriff to reduce the number of domestic violence victims, identity theft will be fought, and I will fight to insure that victims of all crimes are not overlooked. I will push for accountability for repeat offenders to the fullest extent of the law.


             As sheriff, I will continue to take a strong stance against illegal drugs, which are the driving force behind much of our crimes like breaking and entering, assaults, and domestic violence. We must educate our children to deter them from getting caught up in peer pressure and work to prevent them from heading down a path of becoming dependent on illegal drugs. We must protect the future by helping them stay drug free.


             I thank you for your support and allowing me to serve you as your sheriff of Stokes County. Protecting your family and our children’s future is our number one goal.



Sheriff Mike Marshall



Mike Marshall