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How do I send an inmate money?


***NOTE: All funds from money orders are held for 5 days waiting on the money orders to clear the bank.***


While at the Stokes County Jail, inmates are not allowed to have money in their cells. Once an inmate is processed in the Jail, they are setup with an inmate trust account that they use throughout their stay to be able to purchase items through commissary and purchase phone minutes.


We have several options for depositing money in the inmates account. Anyone may use any of the following options to make a deposit:


1. By Mail - You can mail a money order to the Stokes County Jail made out to the inmate.


2. Personal Delivery - You can bring the money order to the jail and deliver it to the officer on duty at the jail.


3. Kiosk - We have a Kiosk in the lobby of the jail. It is very similar to using an ATM machine except it is used for making deposits only. You must have your driver’s license or state ID card in order to use the Kiosk. You are not able to withdrawal any money from this machine. There is a fee to use this machine charged by the owner of the machine. The Stokes County Jail does not get any of the fee.


4. By Phone - You may use one of the money transfer agent shown below. This service will allow you to use your credit card or debit card.


5. By Internet - You may use a money transfer agent shown below. This service will allow you to use your credit card of debit card.


Money Transfer Agents:


The Stokes County Jail does not endorse any money transfer company over the other. There are the three companies that currently provide a money transfer service to the Stokes County Jail. If you use any of these services, there is a fee that is charged by the money transfer agents. The Stokes County Jail does not get any of the fee collected.


                      1 - Government Payment EXP - www.govpaynow.com or 1-888-277-2535

                      2 - MoneyGram - www.moneygram.com or 1-800-MONEYGRAM

                      3 - CourtMoney - www.courtmoney.com or 1-800-352-9870


What information you will need if you use the Kiosk, telephone, or internet service:


1. Your credit card or debit card

2. Inmates Name

3. Inmates Name number - The inmate can give you this number. They have it all the time on their armbands or you may get their number by going to www.vinelink.com and clicking on NC, then offender to begin your search.

4. Facility Code - N28

5. Pay Code/ Form Number - 5500 (For Government Payment/ MoneyGram)

6. Receive Code 7950 (For MoneyGram)


Once money is placed in an inmate’s account, that money is considered the inmate’s money. The Stokes County Jail will not refund any money to anyone that makes the mistake and deposits the money in the wrong account or request the money back for personal reasons. Upon the inmates release, the Stokes County Jail will give the inmate a check or debit card for the amount in the inmates account, upon payment of all required fees incurred while in the jail. If the banking system is not available at the time the inmate is released, the inmate must come back to the jail and request the money Monday through Friday 8:30 - 4:30.





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