NOVEMBER 2, 2006







            The Stokes County Water and Sewer Authority Board met in regular session on November 2, 2006, with the following members present:


            Wayne Smart, Chairman                                 

            John Hawkins, Vice Chairman

            Ron Clifford, Member

            Worth Hampton, Member

            Arzell Montgomery, Member


            Jay Kinney, Public Works Director

            Julia Edwards, Finance Director

            Brenda Carter, Secretary




            Mr. Smart asked for approval of the September 21, 2006, minutes if there were no corrections.  Mr. Montgomery made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by

Mr. Hawkins and the motion was unanimously approved.




            Ms. Edwards presented the Board with an updated Financial Report.  The Board had no questions concerning the report.




            Mr. Dean Byrd with the North Carolina Rural Water Association, Inc. came before the Board and informed the Board what his company is all about and that their mission was to provide technical assistance to water authorities.







            Mr. Kinney noted that at the last meeting a question was asked if the funds were given to the Environmental Health Department for equipment they had requested.  Mr. Kinney noted that these funds were not given to the Environmental Health Department to help fund the purchase of the said equipment.  The amount of $5,000.00 requested for this equipment was left in the SCWS Budget. 


            Mr. Kinney also noted that the Board of Commissioners had added to the budget of the SCWS Authority FORTY SEVEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS ($47,250.00) to help with funding for the projects of the SCWS Authority Board.


            At this time Mr. Kinney welcomed Mr. Jimmy Walker, member of the Stokes County Board of Commissioners and thanked him for his interest in the Authority.


            Mr. Walker informed the Board that he appreciated all that the SCWS Authority Board was doing and thought they were doing a good service.


            Mr. Kinney then thanked Mr. Smart, Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Hawkins for attending the October 9, 2006, meeting when Mr. Kinney came before the Board of Commissioners to inform that Board of the projects of the SCWS Authority and to request funding of the above $47,250.00 needed to go with the TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000.00) in the Budget 06-07.


            Mr. Kinney noted that Mr. Chuck Pippin, Golder and Associates, attended this meeting with the Board of Commissioners to answer questions the Board might have.


            At this time Mr. Kinney recognized Mr. Pippen and asked the SCWS Authority members if they had any questions for Mr. Pippen.


            Mr. Clifford noted that he had read the Proposal for Water Resource Needs Assessment and Groundwater Resource Evaluation and Development that Mr. Pippen had prepared for the last SCWS Authority meeting and was impressed with the Proposal.

The Board agreed with Mr. Clifford’s impression and they all agreed that they were ready for Mr. Pippen, Golder and Associates to begin. 


            Mr. Clifford made a motion for Mr. Smart to sign the contract with Golder and Associates, this motion was seconded by Mr. Hampton and the motion was unanimously approved.


            The Board thanked Mr. Pippen for a job well done. 







            Mr. Kinney noted that Mr. Gardin, Manager of the Town of Walnut Cove was leaving for another post.  Mr. Kinney also noted that he was meeting with the Town Board of Walnut Cove at the December 5th meeting.  He would be discussing the matter of hooking onto the Town of Walnut Cove’s sewer system.  The Town of Walnut Cove said they would be happy to work with the SCWS Authority Board. 




            Mr. Kinney stated that the water system for the Town of Danbury was having problems with higher levels of radium than was normal and the State had given them notice to remedy this problem.  It was noted that a water softener might correct this problem, but board members questioned this remedy.


            When Mr. Pippin was asked what remedy he suggested if it were the SCWS

Authority’s problem and he informed the Board that an island exchange or micro filtration might rectify this radium issue.


            It was noted that Danbury was still waiting to hear from the $350,000.00 grant money that they had applied for and Mr. Kinney noted that the Town of Danbury had not asked Stokes County to take over the system.





            Mr. Smart asked if there were any other issues to discuss.  Mr. Clifford noted that he would like to say that he thought Jay Kinney was doing a real good job and that in all of his years of service working in Public Works for the City of San Francisco, California, his private company with Public Works Directors, Mr. Kinney was by far the best and most professional in getting matters taken care of and appreciated what he was doing.  Mr. Hampton agreed with Mr. Clifford’s view of Mr. Kinney.  Mr. Kinney stated that excellent team effort by Brenda Carter, Administrative Assistant of Public Works and Julia Edwards, Finance Director was not to be overlooked for their dedication to the Authority.


            Mr. Clifford noted that he did not understand Mrs. Charleville’s apprehension in turning the water system over to the County.  Mr. Hampton asked Mr. Kinney about meetings with Mrs. Charleville about the County taking over the system and Mr. Kinney noted that he had met with Mrs. Charleville and the Interim County Manager          


Mr. Byrd noted that with the issue of funding there was money that might be applied for from the State Revolving Funds (2%).  Mr. Clifford noted that this should be applied for. 


Mr. Kinney informed the Board of a citizen in Germanton needing water, their well had little water, and they had paid for a tap on to the Germanton Water System.  At their location across from the Germanton Hardware there was a storm drain and a permit from the State was required and received. Mr. Kinney also noted that MLP Construction was having trouble locating someone to do this extensive work and the owners and neighbors were getting upset.  There was discussion concerning different contractors if MLP could not find a suitable contractor, but Mr. Kinney noted that PF Plumbing the original contractor had been contacted along with another vendor to complete this hookup to the residents as quickly as possible. 


Mr. Smart asked Mr. Kinney about the City of King reading the meters as had been discussed in the past and Mr. Kinney noted that this was still on hold.


Mr. Kinney noted that on December 5th, he would be meeting with the officials from the Town of Walnut Cove and invited the SCWS Authority Board members to attend.  Mr. Montgomery noted that he would plan to attend. 


Mr. Walker, County Commissioner noted that he would be attending a League of Municipalities meeting and would discuss the SCWS Authority’s ideas and regionalization.  Mr. Walker noted that it was his vision that all would work together for the betterment of the County.


After further discussion, Mr. Byrd noted that the Board should “walk it through” when considering regionalization.


Mr. Kinney asked if the Board would meet on December 7th, 2006, after he had met with the Town of Walnut Cove and the Board agreed to this meeting.


At this time Mr. Clifford made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Hawkins, and the motion carried unanimously.