Stokes County Water Sewer Authority Minutes

AUGUST 12, 2004


The Stokes County Water Sewer Authority met in a regular meeting on August 12, 2004, in the Commissioners Chambers of the Administration Building in Danbury with the following members present:


            Wayne Smart, Chairman

            Ron Clifford, Member

            Worth Hampton, Member

            Arzell Montgomery, Member


            Jay Kinney, Public Works Director

            Julia Edwards, Finance Director

            Brenda Carter, Secretary


Absent:  John Hawkins, Vice Chairman


Also present:              Tory Wagoner, Cavanaugh and Associates

                                 Steve Cavanaugh, Cavanaugh and Associates

                        Brad Perkins, MLP Construction

                        Roger Sanders, Yates Construction




Mr. Smart brought the meeting to order and asked for approval of the minutes for July 22, 2004.  Mr. Hampton made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Mr. Clifford and the motion was approved.




The Board discussed the rate increase from Forsyth County and Ms. Edwards presented the Board with figures for a total cost that would be needed for the Board to break even.  There would be an average cost of $43.00 to the residents. 


Mr. Smart asked Mr. Cavanaugh if he could gets figures for what the two wells are costing that are in Walnut Cove.  He would like to get the town to buy the water that is being flushed out on the Germanton water line, at cost if possible, to avoid this waste.  Mr. Cavanaugh stated that he would get these figures.


Mr. Smart will go to the Town of Walnut Cove Board to discuss the possibility of them buying this water before informing the residents of this price increase.  Someone from Cavanaugh and Associates will meet with the Board also.


After further discussion Mr. Smart asked if he could have a motion to table this matter until the next meeting so that he could meet with each Board member of the Town of Walnut Cove.  Mr. Clifford made a motion to table this matter, seconded by Mr. Montgomery and the motion was approved.




Mr. Wagoner with Cavanaugh and Associates noted that he had met with the Rural Center and had asked about the letter from the Rural Center concerning the $273,000 grant money for the total project cost of the Sauratown Fire Department Project.  Also in the letter it stated there was a 10.l% match or the engineering design fees at $28,000.  His question for the Rural Center is the grant amount of $273,000 to have the $28,000 to be added to that for a greater total project which would help with the booster pumping station cost.  


The Rural Center informed him that they had made a mistake on the letter, that there would be a corrected letter that said the total project would be $273,000 and a l0.l% match subtract off the $28,000 gets the total amount that they will award. 


The Board needs to decide if they will do the project with this amount of match and where to get the match. The Board had discussed this match from the City of King that needs the booster pumping station at a cost of $40,000 and the Sauratown Fire Department.  Mr. Wagoner noted that this grant was announced before their normal award cycle, this giving the Board time, before the Rural Center asked, to decide whether or not they are doing the project.


Mr. Wagoner noted that a letter had been sent to the City of King alerting them of the project and that the W/S Authority had received grant notification of this project and asking to be allowed to tap on to their system.  The letter also stated that the system would be returned to them and would be their customers.  Mr. Wagoner stated that the City of King has an interim manager and this has not been acted on and they have just announced whom their new manager will be. He noted that the W/S Authority Board could wait and negotiate with the City of King to see if they could provide the local match, to work on the tap on fees that would fall under the Town of King’s structure as these would be King’s customers.  King would collect on these and supply this as the local match or not do the project at all. 


It was asked how many customers were on this line and Mr. Wagoner noted that there were 18 homes/businesses on this route.  There was discussion concerning where these funds could be found.  Mr. Wagoner stated that it was hoped to blend the $40,000 booster pumping station into the overall project.  The total estimate was $273,000 and this did not include the $40,000 for the pumping station.  There was a local match of $27,000 that was part of the $40,000.  Mr. Wagoner noted that the Rural Center typically takes the total project and assign the grant and add to the local match.  Mr. Wagoner noted that the City of King has not been asked to participate.  He also noted that he had met with the interim manager and the city engineer and they are aware of this project and are waiting to see what the Board requests before going before the Town Council.  Mr. Wagoner noted that the Town Council is aware of the project, that several years ago the fire station had approached them about this issue.  They had asked the fire station to find funds to help out and to come back to them, that this is when communications broke down.


It was asked if the Town of King wanted this project and Mr. Cavanaugh noted that they wanted the booster pumping station.  Mr. Montgomery noted that the booster pumping station was for King to maintain the proper pressure on the lines.  Mr. Wagoner noted that if they were to extend it to the fire station that yes it would be.  Mr. Montgomery noted that it should be King maintaining the proper pressure by installing a booster pumping station or what ever was required as they would be receiving the benefits.  Mr. Wagoner noted that the Town of King does not have to extend this line and  that with the current lines they do not need this pumping station. 


Mr. Wagoner noted that a survey has not been made along these lines of citizens interested in signing up for the system hookup. 


Mr. Wagoner noted that he would draft a letter for the chairman to sign to the Town of King and the Sauratown Fire Department asking for help in funding this project.  




Mr. Wagoner noted that Roger Sanders with Yates Construction was in attendance if the Board had any questions.  He noted that Yates and Ferguson, the material supplier, were working through the details of when materials would be delivered.  He also noted that Brad Perkins was present with a draft letter that would be sent to the Fiddlers Creek home owners and they would also send a Water Users Agreement with this letter.  He noted that they were waiting to see if the same number of home owners were still interested as this would affect the cost per service and they would add a deadline to this sign up also.  A pre-construction conference and contract signing would be next.  He noted that they had received the bonds from Yates.




Mr. Smart noted that the Rural Center was having a workshop on August 21st in Raleigh and that the members could sign up to attend this meeting. 


Mr. Wagoner noted that the Rural Center was having grants for new businesses to create new jobs.  Mr. Smart asked if this could help the Germanton businesses. 


Mr. Clifford asked about the $5,000 that was to be returned from the Town of Danbury and Ms. Edwards stated that she would send a letter requesting these funds.


Mr. Clifford also asked about the Water Rights and Mr. Wagoner noted that the letter was in the hands of Lee Spencer, and he is trying to decide whom this letter needs to be addressed to.


Mr. Smart noted that the Board should really consider sewer for Germanton, that it would help the businesses in that area. 




Mr. Smart noted the budget amendment in the amount of $80,000 for Fiddlers Creek and asked for a motion to approve this amendment.  Mr. Hampton made a motion to approve this amendment in the amount of $80,000, seconded by Mr. Clifford and the motion carried.


Mr. Kinney noted that it was requested that the minutes be put on the county web page and the Board approved this request.


As there was no further business, Mr. Clifford made a motion to adjourn and the motion was approved.