JULY 19, 2007




            The Stokes County Water and Sewer Authority met in regular session on July19, 2007, with the following members present:


            Wayne Smart, Chairman

            Ron Clifford, Member

            Worth Hampton, Member

Arzell Montgomery, Member

Ron Morgan, Ex-officio Member

Bryan Steen, County Manager

Brenda Carter, Secretary




John Hawkins, Vice Chairman

Julia Edwards, Finance Director




            After calling the meeting to order Mr. Smart asked for approval of the June 21, 2007 minutes if there were no corrections.  Mr. Montgomery made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Mr. Clifford and the motion was approved.




            Mr. Smart asked Mr. Clifford to speak to the Board concerning the report from Golder Associates.


            Mr. Clifford noted that he had read over this report and found the report (Groundwater Resource Evaluation) to be very informative.  He reviewed the report with the Board and noted that the Germanton area seemed the best groundwater exploration area, to dig a well.  Mr. Clifford noted that according to the reports/maps that there was a possibility of getting 200 to 300 gallons per minute from this well.  Mr. Clifford noted according to these reports/maps that the reason that the Town of Walnut Cove is having trouble with groundwater is that there is a likelihood that groundwater is not there, but there is the likelihood that there is in the Germanton area.  Mr. Clifford noted that not only could this drilled well service Germanton, but also Walnut Cove.  Mr. Clifford noted according to the reports that it was probable to have to dig down 400 to 500 feet to get water.


            Mr. Clifford noted that the Pinnacle area shows to be the best area for groundwater exploration to benefit that part of the county. 


            Mr. Clifford also noted that a Resistivity Study in the Germanton area was needed.  Mr. Clifford explained to the Board what resistivity means.  He noted that they send an electric current down into the ground and where the area with the least resistivity are the ones with the most fractures and that is where you will get the most water.  Mr. Clifford noted that this a very accurate study and recommends that the Board should run a resistivity study. 


            Mr. Hampton asked if this well produced two hundred gallons per minutes would this eliminate the lines from Forsyth County and Mr. Clifford noted that it would.  Mr. Clifford noted that one hundred gallons per minute would supply an area of 3,000 people.   Mr. Clifford noted that storage tanks are needed for a three day supply. 


            Mr. Hampton asked what would have to be done to the water coming out of the well to be able to use it.  Mr. Clifford noted that sometimes nothing has to be done and that he thinks the problem that some of the Highway #65/Germanton users are having is coming from iron manganese.  He noted when you go deeper into the ground for water that you do not have this problem. 


            Mr. Hampton noted that he had missed a meeting, but what he was gathering from this meeting was that the Board did not need to put a water plant off Highway #311.  Mr. Clifford noted that right now there was no need to do so, but the Board still needed to apply for water rights on Dan River.  Mr. Clifford noted that he had not read the second report from Golder Associates, but hoped there was information concerning the water rights as that was the purpose of the study.


            Mr. Hampton asked if this report was all that the Board was to receive from Golder Associates and Mr. Clifford noted that this was not and then asked Mrs. Carter if she could get a copy of the contract for them.  Mrs. Carter had a copy of the last page of the contract stating the cost of each phase.  Mr. Clifford noted that Phase 3 was a Detailed Investigation of Potential Targets and at that time in his opinion the Board should seek advice from Golder Associates as where to dig, how deep to go, and how many gallons per minute they think the SCWSA can get at that site.  Also, Mr. Clifford noted that out of the $22,000 he hopes that the water rights permit might be obtained, he will read the contract to know if this is possible.


            Mr. Hampton asked if he might obtain a copy of the first report and the Board noted that he could.  It was noted that Golder Associates would supply a copy of this report. 


            Mr. Smart noted that it was important that the Well Project be started and Mr. Morgan noted that this should be the highest priority of the Board and the Board agreed.


            Mr. Hampton informed the SCWSA Board that there was a possibility that the Board might obtain funds from the Economic Development Commission for this project.


III.             III.             WALNUT COVE/JOINT VENTURE


Mr. Smart noted that the Mr. Bryan Steen, SC Manager had talked with the town manager of Walnut Cove and he had talked with the mayor of Walnut Cove concerning a joint venture.  Mr. Smart felt that through his discussions that the officials were ready to begin this joint venture.  He noted that they had requested maps and names of the Germanton/Highway #65 users.  If the Town of Walnut Cove would take on this project then the possibility of receiving grant money to add sewer lines in the Germanton area could be a reality. 


Mr. Smart noted that Representative Bryan Holloway is planning to come up within the next two weeks to meet with the mayor and manager of the Town of Walnut Cove.  Representative Holloway said that he would then return to Raleigh to seek funding for them. 






            Mr. Montgomery had a question about the individual that had been drawing water from the fire hydrants to fill swimming pools.  Mr. Smart noted that he had talked with Mr. Hawkins about this and he was to call the Sheriffs Office.  Mr. Hawkins was not present at this meeting to speak on the issue.  Mr. Montgomery stated that he had seen a truck at Germanton Park with water running out of it and there was a fire hydrant nearby with water around it. 


            After further discussion the Board asked Mr. Ron Morgan to draft a letter for Mr. Smart to sign to the individual concerning withdrawing water from the fire hydrant. 




            At this time Mr. Smart informed the Board that he had talked with the Vice Chairman, John Hawkins and got his approval and wanted the approval of the Board that he would step down as Chairman and would like to recommend to the Board that Mr. Ron Clifford become the new Chairman.


            After discussion, Mr. Hampton made a motion, seconded by Mr. Montgomery to approve Mr. Clifford as the new Chairman.  The motion was unanimously approved.


            As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting is scheduled for August 23, 2007.