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COUNTY OF STOKES†††††††††††††† ††††††††††† )†††††††††††††††††††††† JUNE 12, 2008



The Stokes County Water and Sewer Authority met in regular session in the Commissionerís Chambers of the Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Building (Administration Building) on Thursday, June 12, 2008, at 3:00 p.m. with the following members present:

††††††††††† John Hawkins, Chairman

††††††††††† Worth Hampton, Vice Chairman

††††††††††† Arzell Montgomery, Member

††††††††††† Wayne Smart, Member

††††††††††† W. Scott Snow, Member


††††††††††† County Personnel

††††††††††† Mark Delehant, Public Works Director

††††††††††† Bryan Steen, County Manager

††††††††††† Brenda Carter, Secretary to the Board


††††††††††† Chairman Hawkins called the meeting to order:




††††††††††† Chairman Hawkins asked for corrections or approval of the April 10, 2008 minutes.Mr. Hampton made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Mr. Montgomery and the motion was unanimously approved.



††††††††††† Chairman Hawkins informed the Board of his meeting with Mr. Chuck Pippen with Golder and Associates and walking over the properties with him for possible testing sites along Highway #65.He noted of the sites tested the property of Ms. Tesh and his own property seemed to have a large reservoir of water beneath.He noted that Mr. Pippen would be taking the information for analyzing and would be in touch with the Board by the end of the month.

††††††††††† Mr. Montgomery noted that he had obtained permission from Don Lewis to allow testing on his property and would appreciate Golder and Associates checking this property for possible testing. The Board noted that it might be too late for Golder to check this property as Mr. Lewis did not get this in by the deadline and it was a great distance for the representatives to travel to do this a second time.



††††††††††† Mr. Delehant presented each member a copy of a Financial Statement for the Germanton Water System and noted that there was a profit of $29.32 daily for a total of $1,964.44.There was discussion concerning the statement and the loss of water either by a leak or someone taking the water as had been experienced in the past for the filling of swimming pools. Mr. Delehant noted that he had purchased a meter if anyone wanted to purchase water for filling pools, etc.Mr. Smart noted that the tanker truck that had been filled in the past had been seen on the Forsyth County side of the lines.Mr. Delehant noted that he had seen the tanker truck and it had a permit number on it from both Forsyth and Rockingham County.


††††††††††† Mr. Delehant noted that after reading over an invoice from R&A Laboratories he had seen where there was a charge of $30.00 for taking a water sample and he had taken it upon himself to take this water sample and dropping it off at one of the sites where he knew there would be testing for Stokes County and it would be picked up, saving the County this $30.00 charge.


††††††††††† Chairman Hawkins informed the Board that the Walnut Cove Development was still in progress and the sewer lines were still being installed and they were planning to tap into the Walnut Cove side of the lines.


††††††††††† Mr. Hampton noted that the Economic Development Board had met with the Stokes County Board of Commissioners to discuss the hiring of a new Economic Development Director.County Manager Bryan Steen noted that this had been posted and the closing date for this position would not be until the end of July to allow it to be published in the County Lines, a publication that covers a wide variety of readers.

††††††††††† Mr. Hampton also noted that tourism had also been discussed with the SC Board of Commissioners and there would be a separate Tourism Board that would fall under the Economic Development Board.


††††††††††† The Board then discussed a date for the next meeting to allow representatives from Golder Associates to meet with the SCWSA Board.Mr. Delehant noted that he would like to meet with the representatives from Golder Associates before they meet with the SC Board of Commissioners.A meeting of July 24 was tentatively set to meet with Golder Associates to allow Golder Associates to meet with the SC Board of Commissioners at their August 11th meeting.Mr. Delehant will meet with Darlene Bullins to discuss the scheduling of this meeting.


††††††††††† Chairman Hawkins asked if the Town of Walnut Cove was buying water from the SCWS Authority and Mr. Delehant noted that they were and Parkdale was also buying water.


††††††††††† Chairman Hawkins asked if there was further business to discuss and as there was not, Vice Chairman Hampton made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Smart and the motion was unanimously approved.




John Hawkins, Chairman





Brenda Carter, Secretary to the SCWSA Board