MAY 18, 2006







            The Stokes County Water and Sewer Authority Board met in regular session on May 18, 2006, with the following members present:


            Wayne Smart, Chairman

            John Hawkins, Vice Chairman

            Ron Clifford, Member

            Worth Hampton, Member

            Arzell Montgomery, Member


            Also present were:


            Julia Edwards, Finance Director

            Jay Kinney, Public Works Director

            Ron Morgan, Economic Development Director

            Brenda Carter, Secretary





            Mr. Smart asked for approval of the minutes of  April 27, 2006.  Mr. Clifford noted that he had one correction to the minutes on page three, Dan River Update, paragraph three.  “There was discussion concerning the Waste Treatment Plant on the Dan River…” should read “There was discussion concerning the Water Treatment Plant on the Dan River…”.  With this correction Mr. Hawkins made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Mr. Hampton and the motion was unanimously approved. 







            Mr. Smart asked Mr. Kinney to introduce the representatives from Golder and Associates. 


            Mr. Kinney introduced the representatives,  Brent Waters from the Richmond office of Golder and Associates, Chuck Pippen from the Greensboro office and Jim Renner from the Atlanta office and asked them to inform the Board of their company’s ideas for the Dan River Project.


            Mr. Waters gave a statement of qualification of Golder and Associates, who they are and their locations.  Mr. Pippen spoke on different hurdles for the Board and his recommendations.  Mr. Reeves also spoke on different processes for the Board to review.


There was discussion between the representatives and the SCWSA Board and Mr. Kinney thanked them for coming and speaking to the Board.  The Board noted that this was a very informative meeting and liked their ideas of digging wells if needed.  It was also noted that the representatives from Golder and Associates not only told of obstacles, but also told of ways around the obstacles.


            The Board further discussed the Dan River Project and the need to get the withdrawal permit as soon as possible.  Mr. Kinney was to contact Golder and Associates for their fees in applying for these permits. 


            A needs assessment was also discussed and the Master Plan.  Mr. Kinney was to compose a letter of a needs assessment and forward to Mr. Clifford, a former engineer, for his approval. 




            Ms. Edwards presented to the Board copies of the 2006-07 Budget and asked if there were any questions.  After discussion, Mr. Montgomery made a motion to approve the budget, seconded by Ron Clifford and the motion was approved.





            Mr. Kinney was asked if he had heard from the City of King concerning the Germanton Project and he noted that he had not, but would inform the Board when he had heard from them. 


            Mr. Smart asked Mr. Kinney if he had composed the letter to the Board of Commissioners for the request of funds for sewer in the Germanton area and funding for the Dan River Project.  Mr. Kinney noted that he had been out of town and would compose this letter. 


            Mr. Smart noted that he had been asked if there was water down Highway #311 to the 311 Race Track.  Mr. Smart was informed that there was pipe across the Dan River bridge and not to the race track and also there was no water in these pipes. It was asked how far was it from the bridge to the site for the proposed water treatment plant and stated that it was approximately one mile. 


            As there was not further business to discuss, Mr. Clifford made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Hawkins.