APRIL 27, 2006






            The Stokes County Water and Sewer Board met in regular session on April 27, 2006, with the following members present:


            Wayne Smart, Chairman                     

            John Hawkins, Vice Chairman

            Ron Clifford, Member

            Arzell Montgomery, Member


            Absent:  Worth Hampton, Member


            Also present were:


            Ron Morgan, Economic Development Director

            Julia Edwards, Finance Officer

            Jay Kinney, Public Works Director

            Brenda Carter, Secretary




            Mr. Smart asked for the approval or disapproval of the February 16th minutes.  Mr. Montgomery made a motion to approve the minutes that were seconded by Mr. Hawkins and the motion carried.




            Mr. Kinney introduced Mr. Charlie White and Mr. Recil H. Wright, P.E. with the company of Wright and Associates.  Mr. Wright gave a presentation of a profile of their company and their company’s evaluation of the site for an Environmental Assessment and water treatment plant on the Dan River property.






            Ms. Edwards informed the Board that the auditing firm of Martin, Starnes & Associates had been approved by the Stokes County Board of Commissioners with a three year agreement to conduct auditing services for Stokes County.  She asked if the SCWSA Board would approve or disapprove this firm for their auditing also.


            Mr. Montgomery made a motion to approve the auditing services of Martin, Starnes & Associates, seconded by Mr. Hawkins and the motion was approved.




            Mr. Smart recognized Mr. Kinney to speak to the Board on the matter of contractual services.


            Mr. Kinney informed the Board that he and Mr. Smart had met with the Jack Warren and the Public Works officials of King concerning the City of King doing the reading of the meters, repairs, and billing for the Board’s current accounts handled by MLP Construction.  Mr. Kinney noted that the new contract that MLP Construction had submitted could be revised according to Mr. Perkins with MLP Construction.


            Mr. Kinney noted that the representatives from King were very interested in this project of the City of King taking over the Highway #65/Germanton Water System and wanted to take it before their Board for discussion.


            Mr. Kinney also noted that the officials informed him and Mr. Smart that there were funds left over from the Sauratown Fire Department Project.  He asked Mrs. Darlene Bullins, Interim County Manager, to speak to the Board concerning this matter.  Mrs. Bullins noted that there were monies left over, in the range of $40,000.00, on the Sauratown Fire Department Project.  This project should be completed by May 8th. Mrs. Bullins noted that she had spoken with the Rural Center about using these funds that had been allocated by the Rural Center for other projects.  She noted that a request would be required to be sent to the Rural Center for the use of this money to extend the lines down Denny Road and to the Graceland Assisted Living Center and hopefully use the same contractor, if they will honor their original bid, for this project.  This request would have to be approved by the Rural Center. 


            Mr. Clifford made a motion to approve this project, seconded by Mr. Montgomery and the motion was approved. 







            Mr. Clifford noted that the presentation from Wright and Associates had answered several questions, but the Board was to have heard about the EA in March.  It was noted that there would be no need for an Environmental Assessment, according to this presentation, if the need for withdrawal were under 8 million gallons per day. 


            Mr. Kinney noted that the firm of Golder and Associates from Richmond, Va., with an office in Greensboro, would be at the next meeting with their presentation to the Board for an Environmental Assessment/Dan River Project.


            There was discussion concerning the Water Treatment Plant on the Dan River and the Board noted there would need to be a customer base to support the project.  Mr. Morgan noted that without Walnut Cove participating with this project there would not be enough customers to support it.  Mr. Smart noted that the officials of Walnut Cove were happy with the wells they were using.


            There was also discussion to obtain grants, etc to support this project.


            The Board then discussed seeking grants to obtain sewer for Germanton.


            Ms. Edwards noted that money was tight and there were other projects that the Board of Commissioners were considering including possible funding for the Board of Education requests, but the SCWSA Board should request funding also for their projects..


            Ms. Edwards noted that a letter should be written to the Interim County Manager concerning funding that the SCWSA Board needs for their projects.  It was noted that the Germanton Project would be the first priority of the SCWSA Board.


            Ms. Edwards noted that she would get some tax information for Mr. Montgomery concerning the revaluation.


            After further discussion, Mr. Clifford made a motion to adjourn and the motion was approved.