)                    WATER & SEWER AUTHORITY

                                                            )                    DANBURY, NORTH CAROLINA

                                                            )                    FEBRUARY 21, 2008




            The Stokes County Water and Sewer Authority met for regular session in the


Commissioners’ Chambers of the Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Building (Administrative


Building) located in Danbury, North Carolina on Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 3:00 pm with


the following members present:


                                                Chairman John Hawkins

                                                Member Worth Hampton

Member Arzell Montgomery                                     

Member Wayne Smart

                                                Member W. Scott Snow


                                                County Personnel in Attendance:

                                                Public Works Director Mark Delehant

                                                Finance Director Julia Edwards

                                                County Manager K. Bryan Steen

                                                Administrative Assistant Darlene Bullins




Chairman John Hawkins called the meeting to order.




            Register of Deeds Kathy Young administered the General Oath to the following


members of the Water and Sewer Authority:  John Hawkins, Worth Hampton, Arzell


Montgomery, Wayne Smart, and Scott Snow.  An executed copy of the oath taken by


each member will be placed with the minutes.




            Chairman Hawkins entertained a motion to approve or amend the minutes of the


January 10, 2008 meeting.

            Chairman Hawkins noted the following administrative corrections:


            Page #3 – Water Rates - include $3.10 price per thousand gallons in Article 3 –

     Section 42

     Change to:   Town of Walnut Cove - $3.10 per thousand gallons

     Delete “Town of Walnut _______per 1,000 gal first 150,000”

                             Delete “Town of Walnut Cove ____ per thousand gallons after 150,000”


            Member Hampton moved to approve the January 10th minutes as amended.


Member Montgomery seconded and the motion carried unanimously.




            Public Works Director Mark Delehant presented the following update:


o   Month of January 2008 – approximately $296* – profit

o   Month of February 2008 – would have had approximately $586* – profit if there had not been a water break costing $995

(*both estimates based on billings)

o   Finance Department currently working on delinquent accounts


Member Smart questioned if the State would be responsible for the recent water break.


Public Works Director Mark Delehant noted at this time, he was investigating the issue.


DEVELOPMENT RATES UPDATE (Walnut Cove Development)


            Chairman Hawkins noted that the Policy Resolution Article #4 (Extensions of Water


Service) Section #60(Local permit authorization) addresses the extension of water services


which encumbrances the development which goes along and basically covers the fees being


paid by the developer to put in the infrastructure.  Chairman Hawkins noted the mechanisms


are already in place as stated in Section#61-(5):


¨      which notes that the applicant shall pay all costs involved in making such extension, provided, however, that if the Authority, in order to provide for the anticipated needs of water users beyond those needs which would normally be required for the purposes of the applicant, shall require the installation of a larger water line than would be otherwise necessary, the authority may contract with the applicant to reimburse the applicant for such portion of the costs as shall be attributable to the larger line required by the Authority…..


            Chairman Hawkins requested Director Delehant review Article 4-Section #60 and #61


which relate to the responsibilities as the “Director”.


            Chairman Hawkins noted that after reviewing the new Walnut Cove Development, it


seems that the development would be tied into the Walnut Cove connection, though, it would


be very easy to tie into the Water and Sewer Authority connection.  Chairman Hawkins


requested that Director Delehant keep a close eye on the project.




            Chairman Hawkins noted that he had not received an answer Engineer Steve Gibbs-


NCDOT regarding the water vault. 


            Chairman Hawkins noted that Authority members have seen individuals tapping into a


fire hydrant and getting water without permission to do so.  Policy Resolution (Article 1-


Section 17- Opening Fire Hydrants for private use) has in place permitting for the withdrawal


of water from hydrants which outlines specific requirements that are the “Director’s


responsibility” – one being to provide a meter for the applicant.


            Director Delehant noted the need to have a meter or borrow a meter from an adjoining


meter to use on the water hydrant – new meter cost approximately $1500.  Member Smart


noted the possibility of borrowing a meter from the Town of Walnut Cove instead of investing


in a new meter.


            The Authority discussed issues with individuals drawing water from the hydrants


without paying and guidelines that cover withdrawing water from an hydrant.




            Director Mark Delehant presented members with information regarding designated


land that Golder and Associates would like to do testing on for the possibility of  drilling wells. 


Golder must have the property owners’ permission.


            Director Delehant discussed the following property owners with members:


§  Don Lewis

§  Robert Hendrix

§  Peggy Martin

§  Jacob Whitaker

§  Larry Jones

§  Dale Hartman

§  Sadie Hartgrove

§  Jessie Tesh

§  Elbert Rogers

§  Rebecca Frye

§  Billy McKenzie

§  Marie Tuttle

§  John Hawkins

§  Lawrence Matthews


Director Delehant suggested that Authority Members might want to help explain the permission


process and possibly visit landowners with Director Delehant.  Director Delehant also


presented members with a sample copy of the waiver that property owners would have to sign. 


Director Delehant noted that he would be working with Golder and Associates when testing is


being done on the property.


            The Authority discussed the following items that property owners would need to know


about the procedure:


§  how much land and what part of their property would be used for the procedure (provide a map to the land owner of the designate area if possible)

§  will the property owner receive any monetary compensation




Water Rates (Water Tap and Meter Fees)


            Director Mark Delehant requested that the following fees be placed together (possibly


on a single sheet) in order to be able to supply an applicant with a projected cost.  Director


Delehant also suggested putting the fees on the internet.  Director Delehant requested before


complying this information, if the Authority wished to review any of the following fees:


§  Water Rates

§  Water Tap and Meter Fees

§  Deposit Fee

§  Re-connection Fee

§  Meter Re- installation Fee

§  Unauthorized Tap Fee

§  Sale of water (non-user)

o   Deposit

o   Base Fee (per week)

o   Per 1000 Gallons

§  Late Fees


Chairman Hawkins noted that the water rate of $3.10 per 1000 gallons of usage and


where the Authority’s cost exceeds the tap fees, the charge will be based on actual cost plus


20% was approved at the January 10th meeting.


            The Authority reviewed and discussed the following Water Tap and Meter Fees:

            (already approved)


Tap Size

Tap Fee

3/4" tap


1" tap


2" tap




            Note:  A cost recovery fee may be applicable, depending on location

            Note:  Where the Water and Sewer Authority’s cost exceed these tap fees, the

                       charge will be based on actual cost plus 20%.


            Chairman Hawkins noted that the 1 ½” tap has been deleted from the fee schedule.


            Director Delehant proposed the following Meter Fees:


Tap Size

Meter Fee

3/4" tap


1" tap


2" tap






            The Authority discussed the Meter Fees proposed by Director Delehant.


            Chairman Hawkins entertained a motion regarding the proposed meter fees submitted


by Director Delehant.


            Member Hampton moved to approve the meter fees proposed by Director Delehant.


Member Smart seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


            Director Delehant proposed the following fees for the Authority’s consideration:


Fee Description


Deposit Fee


Re-connection Fee


Meter Re-installation Fee


Unauthorized Tap









Late Fees


Number of Days Late


30 days


45 days


55 days


After 55 days – meter is locked











The Authority discussed the fees proposed by Director Delehant.


Member Snow referred to the Resolution Policy – Section #35 – Collection of Water


Charges; penalties for failure to pay.


            Finance Director Julia Edwards requested direction from the Authority whether to


allow customers to make payment arrangements if their bill is late.


            The Authority discussed the request from Director Julia Edwards.


            Director Delehant suggested that a complete fee schedule be presented at the next


meeting for final approval.  The Authority unanimously agreed to place the proposed fee


schedule on next month’s agenda.


            Chairman Hawkins directed Director Delehant to place proposed fee schedule for the


Authority’s consideration at the next meeting.




            Director Delehant also requested direction from regarding the sale of water for a non-




            Chairman Hawkins requested Director Delehant to review the current Resolution Policy


-fees and check with the Town of Danbury and Walnut Cove and submit a proposal at the


next meeting.


            Member Montgomery requested direction from Authority members on what to do


when you see a tanker filling up water from the Authority’s hydrant.  He noted that he has


seen this on several occasions .


            The Authority discussed possible options – questioning the driver, get license number


and any notification on the tanker.


            Director Delehant noted the possibly of calling 911 if problems occurred.


            Member Hampton noted that             Administrative Assistant Darlene Bullins had checked


with Sheriff Mike Joyce to see if there would be a problem with calling Communications


Center and requesting a Deputy to investigate; Sheriff Joyce indicated that it would be no


problem.  Sheriff Joyce requested that Director Delehant inform the Sheriff’s Department


what kind of authorization the driver needed in order to be withdrawing water from the tap.


            Chairman Hawkins directed Director Delehant to develop a policy for withdrawing


water from a hydrant for non-users.


            Chairman Hawkins requested discussion regarding the current 1” Tap Fee of $1500.


Chairman Hawkins noted that citizens on Highway #65 wanted to hook on, but felt the fee was


too high.


            Member Montgomery noted that the initial tap fee was $750, but would increase to


$1500 if the tap fee was connected later.


            The Authority discussed possibly lower the fees in order to allow more people on


the system.


            Member Montgomery expressed concerns with changing the tap fee since there had


been individuals who have been charged the $1500 tap fee who did originally sign up.


            The Authority unanimously agreed to leave the tap fee $1500 at the current rate.




            Director Delehant noted that a “flusher” meter has been relocated at the Walnut Cove


Vault, which will save money.  Winston Salem will credit the Authority for every ounce of


water that is flushed at the end of the line.


            Member Smart noted the need to try to secure any water grants available for residents


on Brookhaven Road – across from Baux Mountain Road.   Director Delehant noted that he


would check with Golder and Associates for possible grant options.


Fees Approval


            Chairman Hawkins entertained a motion regarding the sale of water for non-user.


            Member Hampton moved to approve the non-user (sale of water) fees discussed in


today’s meeting (Hydrant withdrawal will be charged at twice a rate at twice the residential


rate = $6.20, the deposit fee remain at $250, the permit fee remain at $50).  Member


Montgomery seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


            The Authority discussed the length of time the $50 permit fee represents.


            Chairman Hawkins moved to approve the motion that the $50 permit fee will cover a


Seven-day period.  Member Snow seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Meeting Schedule


The Authority unanimously agreed to schedule another meeting for April 10th.







There being no further business to come before the Authority, Chairman Hawkins


entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Member Montgomery moved to adjourn the meeting.   Member Hampton


seconded and the motion carried unanimously.









_________________________                                  _____________________________

Darlene M. Bullins                                                    John Hawkins

Clerk to the Board of Commissioners                     Chairman

Secretary Brenda Carter absent