FEBRUARY 16, 2006






            The Stokes County Water and Sewer Authority Board met in regular session on February 16, 2007, with the following members present:


            Wayne Smart, Chairman                                  Absent:  Brenda Carter, Secretary

            John Hawkins, Vice Chairman         

            Worth Hampton, Member

            Arzell Montgomery, Member

            Ron Clifford, Member


            Jay Kinney, Public Works Director

            Ron Morgan, Economic Development Dir.

            Julia Edwards, Finance Director




            Mr. Smart asked for approval of the January 12, 2006, minutes and a motion was made and seconded that the minutes be approved.




            Mr. Tory Wagoner, of Cavanaugh and Associates, after giving the history of the project, gave an update on the Environmental Assessment of the Dan River.  He noted that nothing should be done until an Environmental Assessment is completed, not a  withdrawal permit without reclassifying the stream or without doing an environmental assessment.  He noted that the Environmental Assessment is the main project as the other projects should not begin until you know that environmentally that there is not enough impact that would allow this to be done. 


            Mr. Wagoner noted that Mr. Lee Spencer, Regional Public Water Supply Supervisor for this region had advised to send a letter to Raleigh to request that the Board be allowed to begin the process to begin the withdrawal permit with the stream reclassification while the Board is preparing the Environmental Assessment and have permission from them to do this.


            Mr. Wagoner noted that this letter was sent to Raleigh and was passed around to several individuals before he received a response from Elizabeth Countess.  Ms. Countess is now the point contact with DENR.  She requested two things: an updated copy of the letter that was sent and an e-mail request stating the same thing.  He did not understand why an e-mail stating the same thing, but he had completed both requests.  His last response from her to his question, was when would there be a response, and her response to him at the beginning of February was that it would be by the end of the month to get a formal response from Raleigh.


            Mr. Wagoner noted that when he hears from her then the Board will know what the logical next step will be and if they say no then the Board should take another look at EA and potential funding sources and if they say yes then put together a schedule and work with the Stokes County Planning Department and Walnut Cove Planning Department.  This would require putting in regulations for anyone developing up stream.  Mr. Wagoner and the Board had further discussion concerning matters of the EA. 

Mr. Kinney thanked Mr. Wagoner for meeting with the Board. 




            Mr. Smart noted that Mr. Jay Kinney would speak to the Board concerning the fees increase request by MLP Construction.


            Mr. Kinney informed the Board that at the present MLP Construction was paid NINETEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS ($1,900.00) per month ($25,000.00 per year) for their contract with Stokes County.   MLP Construction has asked for an increase to TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS and 34/100 ($2,435.34) which would be about FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS ($400.00) per month ($29,224.00  per year) for the same services.  Mr. Kinney noted that this increase was due to an increase in fuel costs. 


            Mr. Kinney noted that on Monday night, he, Mr. Smart and Mr. Ron Morgan were at the Board of Commissioners meeting and presented to that Board an overview of the Water and Sewer Authority and their projects, past and future projects. Mr. Kinney noted that he felt that the Board should be informed of this requested increase from MLP Construction for the upcoming budget.


            It was noted that other groups were and would be contacted for these services now performed by MLP Construction.  It was noted that the Town of Walnut Cove was not interested in this project and the City of King was to get back to the Board with their decision.  It was also noted that an RFP would be needed. 


            Mr. Clifford asked if there had been a response from Forsyth County concerning cutting the water rates and Mr. Kinney noted that he had not received a response. 


            Ms. Edwards presented a financial report of expenses through January 17th, this shows what was paid to MLP Construction and for repairs and installation of taps. 


            Mr. Kinney will devise a letter to be sent to different agencies advising of this need and requirements. 


            Mr. Kinney advised the Board that the Stokes County Board of Commissioners was thankful to the SCWSA Board for their dedication and hard work.





            At this time Mr. Ron Clifford noted that he appreciated the meeting be set at 3:30 instead of the usual 3:00 time. This enables him to attend school, these classes will continue until August, and be able to be at the SCWSA meetings.


            Mr. Clifford would also like the Board to know that he thinks this $50,000.00 charge for the EI (Environmental Impact) is too high and Mr. Smart agreed.  Mr. Clifford noted that he appreciated all that Cavanaugh and Associates had done, but he felt that a proposal was needed.  He noted that he did not approve of some of the things that had been done by Cavanaugh and Associates.    He feels as if the Board could get someone at a cheaper rate and would do a better job.  Mr. Hawkins agreed with Mr. Clifford. 


            Mr. Ron Morgan asked if there were any long-term contractual agreements with Cavanaugh and Associates and the Board stated that there were no contracts with them. 


            A motion was made and the motion was seconded to send out quotes for an Environmental Impact Study, and the motion carried unanimously. 


            Mr. Hampton inquired if the Board of Commissioners had been asked about funding for this study and Mr. Kinney noted that they did not, but had talked with the Interim Manager about being on the agenda and because of other issues to be addressed by the Board of Commissioners, she asked that they not take this to the SC Board of Commissioners. 


            It was decided that bids should be obtained before going to the Board of Commissioners with assistance in funding of the Environmental Impact Study. 


            Mr. Smart if there were any other items to be discussed and as there was nothing further to discuss, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn.