JANUARY 11, 2007







                The Stokes County Water and Sewer Authority met on Thursday, January 11, 2007, with the following members present:


                Wayne Smart, Chairman

                John Hawkins, Vice Chairman

                Ron Clifford, Member

                Arzell Montgomery, Member


                Ron Morgan, Ex officio

                Jay Kinney, Public Works Director

                Julia Edwards, Finance Director

                Brenda Carter, Secretary


                Absent:  Worth Hampton, Member





                Mr. Smart asked for approval of the minutes of November 2, 2007.  Mr. Ron Clifford made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Mr. Arzell Montgomery and the motion was approved with the following vote: 


                For:  Mr. Clifford, Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Smart

                Absent:  Mr. Hampton








                Mr. Kinney presented each member with a copy of  a Water Resource Assessment Outline that he had received from  Mr. Charles Pippen of Golder and Associates and asked Mr. Pippen to review this outline with the members. 


                Mr. Pippen gave an update of this Assessment.  Mr. Pippen also noted that the water projection looked pretty good and should meet the demand as time goes by until about the year 2030 at which time there might be limitations.  Mr. Pippen noted that the project was about one-third of the way completed and they were in Phase One. 


                Mr. Kinney asked the Board if they had any questions for Mr. Pippen and Mr. Clifford noted that it seemed that they were right on schedule.


                Mr. Kinney informed the Board that he and Mr. Smart had met with the Town of Walnut Cove Board and they were favorable and not in a negative mode to work with the SCWS Authority Board with their projects concerning running sewer from Germanton to Walnut Cove.


                Mr. Smart informed the Board that it was his opinion that the Walnut Cove officials were willing to work with the SCWSA Board, but the Walnut Cove manager had resigned, the interim manager had resigned and a board member had also resigned since Mr. Kinney had met with their Board and that Mr. Kinney and any SCWS Authority Board member would need to meet with the Walnut Cove Board when a new manager and board member were selected.


                Mr. Montgomery noted that running sewer down Highway #65 from Germanton would be very expensive.  The Board agreed with Mr. Montgomery, but noted that with regionalization of the towns would help with this funding.  Mr. Smart noted that there were sewer problems along Highway #65 and there was interest in sewer lines run from Germanton to Walnut Cove.  Mr. Smart noted that he had approximately twenty signed copies of residents wanting sewer along Highway #65 from Germanton to Walnut Cove and that he would be handing out more forms for residents to sign that were interested in this sewer line. 


                Mr. Clifford noted that the Board needed to seek an agreement with Walnut Cove to treat this sewage before getting a grant.


                As there were no further questions for Mr. Pippen, Mr. Kinney thanked him for coming before the Board and Mr. Pippen exited.








                Mr. Clifford asked about an update on the Town of Danbury .  Mr. Kinney asked Mr. Smart if he had heard from Mrs. Charleville.  Mr. Smart noted that he had not heard from her, but the project located across from the Government Center looked impressive. 


Mr. Kinney noted that Mrs. Charleville had asked that a member of the Town of Danbury be on the SCWS Authority Board.  Mr. Kinney noted that he would submit Mrs. Charleville’s request to the Stokes County Board of Commissioners.  Mr. Kinney noted that the Bylaws of the Authority required that there be at least four (4) meetings per year and the Board met seven (7) times last year.  Mr. Kinney also noted that he would submit this information plus a list of each Board member and the date they began to serve. 




                Mr. Kinney asked the members if they wished to remain on the Board and if they wished to elect new officers or to keep the same as are now serving?  After discussion, Mr. Arzell Montgomery made a motion to reappoint the same officers for the upcoming year, Mr. Wayne Smart as Chairman and Mr. John Hawkins as Vice Chairman. This motion was seconded by Mr. Ron Clifford and the motion was approved. 


Mr. Kinney noted that the members are appointed for one, two and three year terms, but he does not know who was appointed to serve what terms, but if the present members would like to continue to serve he would submit their names to the Board of Commissioners.  He also noted that Ron Morgan, Economic Development Commissioner was serving  on the SCWS Authority Board as ex-officio member, Julia Edwards as Finance Officer, he as Public Works Director, and Brenda Carter as Secretary to the Board.   Mr. Kinney noted that he appreciated each member serving on the Board for the length of time that they had served. 




                Mr. Kinney informed the Board of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dropping the threshold on the radium content in the water in the Danbury Water System.  It was noted that the Town of Danbury had drilled a new well. Mr. Kinney informed the Board that if the SC Board of Commissioners and the SCWS Authority Board signed off on it that the EPA would continue to allow the Town of Danbury to add high levels of radium to the packaging plant. Mr. Kinney noted that Mrs. Charleville is working with a group to install a 5,000 gallon tank to run the water through to treat the water and a 1000 to 2,000 gallon tank would be needed to bleed off from this 5,000 tank.  Mr. Kinney noted that if the testing levels are below the State’s threshold, it might be acceptable once the State has signed off on it.  Mr. Kinney noted that it should not be accepted as there are no options and this should be addressed. Mr. Kinney noted that Mrs. Charleville and her Board are trying to work through these issues. 


                Mr. Kinney noted that he has not heard if the Town of Danbury will turn the system over to the SCWS Authority, but they do have a new operator for their system.  Mr. Kinney noted that he would keep the Board posted on any changes in the Danbury issue.


                Mr. Kinney informed the Board that there was another group interest in the RFP that the Board had discussed for Germanton Project and they had also stated that if the Danbury system is turned over to the Board they would also be interested in it also and price it for the Board.  Mr. Smart noted that the Town of Walnut Cove might also be interested in taking over the Germanton System.




                Mr. Montgomery had a question concerning the water rates that were raised in the past for the residents of Germanton and along Highway #65 and that these rates did not include raising the rates for the Town of Walnut Cove. He noted that this must have been an oversight of the Board.  Mr. Smart noted that it was probably because it was hard for the Town to commit to using the water. 


                It was noted that the Town of Walnut Cove had opened the valves and used the water and was not charged the new rates, but paid the same rates as did the Authority.  Mr. Smart noted that at one time the Board had discussed letting the Town use the water at cost, but the Town did not agree to do this.  


                After further discussion, Mr. Montgomery made a motion to go up on the rates for the Town of Walnut Cove as everyone else was being charged.  Mr. Clifford seconded the motion and the motion was approved with the following vote:


                For:  Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Smart

                Absent:  Mr. Hampton


                Ms. Edwards will check on the rates now being charged the other rates and will give this information to Mr. Kinney and he will write a letter to the Town of Walnut Cove advising them of the decision of the Board.


                Mr. Edwards noted that a meter reading should be obtained and Mr. Kinney stated that MLP Construction was getting these readings.  He noted that this was how they knew that the valves had been opened.  Mr. Montgomery knew they were checking these as he saw them checking the meters near his home two or three times a week.  Mr. Kinney noted that he had the charts if anyone needed to see them that MLP had sent to him. 


                Mr. Smart asked if there were further business, as there was none, Mr. Montgomery made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Mr. Clifford and the motion was approved.