Stokes Statistics

Stokes County was founded in 1789 and is a member of the regional Northwest Piedmont Council of Governments.  Stokes County is made up of several incorporated towns and many unincorporated towns.  The incorporated towns include the City of King which is the largest municipality in the county with a population of 7,025 (15.2%), and Walnut Cove with a population of 1,383 (3%) and Danbury with a population of 186 (0.4%) and unincorporated parts of Stokes County and remaining parts of the county with a population of 38,911 or (82.1%).  Stokes County Demographics shows the county population standing at 46,097 which is a 2% decrease since the 2010 census. 


Caucasian population make up 93.7% of the population, African American 4.2%, Hispanic of any race 2.9%, and races of two or more 1.2% (US Census, 2016).  The breakdown of population by age; under the age of five stands at 4.6%, persons under the age of 18 is 19.3%, person 65 years of age or older is 20.3% of the population (US Census, 2016).  The majority of the population 60.4% is between the ages of 18-64 years of age. Per Capita money income in the last 12 months (2015) was $20,950 and the median household income range from 2011-2015 was $40,696 compared to $46,868 for North Carolina.  In Stokes County 15.3% of individuals live below the poverty level compared to North Carolina’s rate of 15.4%.


Community Data

The community health assessment is conducted every four years to identify county health concerns and last took place in 2016. The community health assessment provides quantitative data, but the community’s input from the surveys and focus groups is constantly needed for program development and community health interventions. It is essential to determine what the community identifies as health concerns in order to truly improve the health of the community.



Community Health Assessment (CHA) Reports

2016 Community Health Assessment Report (PDF)

2012 Community Health Assessment Report (PDF)

2008 Community Health Assessment 2008 Report (PDF)


State of the County Health (SOTCH) Reports

2014 State Of The County Health Report (PDF)


2013 State of the County  Health Report  (PDF)


2011 State of the County Health Report (PDF) 


Annual Report

Stokes County Health Department Annual Report 15-16 (PDF)


Stokes County Health Department Annual Report 14-15 (PDF)