Stokes County Home Health


Stokes County Home Health understands what it takes to provide quality at home care.  We aim to deliver focused, efficient care for patients who donít require hospitalization, but still need  specialized care or therapy due to illness, injury or other conditions.  We help adults and children who suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes or congestive heart failure, as well as patients recovering from surgery or returning home after hospitalization due to an illness.


Our Services:
Skilled Nursing Care
Our Registered Nurses provide a healthy dose of medical expertise and compassion, from administering medication, to educating clients and their families about managing chronic diseases.

Our nursing services include but are not limited to:

 Adult/Pediatric Nursing Services

 IV infusions

 Wound care all stages and treatments including wound VACS

 Vital signs and glucose monitoring

 Disease management

 Catheter and ostomy care

 Administration of injections

 Laboratory testing

 Pain management

 Post-surgical care


Physical Therapy

 Therapeutic exercises (including regimens for clients to continue independently)

 Exercise instructions for joint replacement patients

 Prosthetic training for patients with amputations

 Balance and gait training

 Muscle re-education

 Instruction for proper use of assistive devices


Occupational Therapy

 Strengthening of upper extremities in cases of injury or surgery of the arms, hands, or shoulders

 Retraining for self-care skills such as:





 Personal hygiene

 Assessment of safety conditions in the home and needs for adaptive equipment

 Improvement of fine motor coordination

 Energy conservation, joint protection and urinary incontinence retraining


Speech Therapy

 Treatment for swallowing, speech, language and voice disorders


Certified Home Health Aids

 Assists patients with bathing, dressing, and simple wound care



Payment Options:
Stokes County Home Health accepts a variety of payment options including self-pay, private insurance, Veterans Administration (VA), Workers Compensation, Medicaid and Medicare, Medicare HMOís.


Contact Us:
Stokes County Home Health
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