The Stokes County Health Department strives to help people improve health by promoting healthier lifestyles.





¨ Provided in the schools, churches, and community

¨ Targets nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation, and stress management to reduce likelihood of disease and promote healthy lifestyle choices (other health programs available upon request)

¨ Often free of charge and can be scheduled at flexible times to best meet needs of participants




¨ Partners with other county agencies and community groups to best address health concerns in Stokes County and seeks additional funding as needed to meet county health needs

¨ Attends community events to promote services available and provide health information

¨ Advocates for health policy and environmental changes to promote health in county

¨ Communicates with media and community leaders as needed to promote health programs, Stokes County Center services, and address timely health issues




¨ Responsible for conducting Community Health Assessment every 4 years in collaboration with Healthy Carolinians of Stokes Task Force to identify top health priorities in the community which affects program planning efforts, as well as, need for policy or environmental changes

¨ Responsible for developing State of the County Health Report (in the three years the County Health Assessment is not being conducted) to report health needs to the community and progress being made since previous Community Health Assessment.




¨ Links persons to available community resources

¨ Mental health coordination services available to improve access to mental health services



Stokes County Health Department will begin offering American Cancer Society's FreshStart Smoking Cessation Program. This is a program open to the community free of charge and is an excellent resource for people who would like to stop smoking. These classes will be offered on a regular basis and will be based on the need of the community. Within this program, there will be four-one hour sessions, with one session each week. This class is designated to help smokers quit and develop coping skills to refrain from smoking. The class will be lead by the Health Educator, Tammy Martin. Please call (336) 593-2400 to find out more information on FreshStart Classes or to sign up for the next class.