Stokes County Fire Commissioners Listing


Chairman: (Fire Service Member): Clifford Hall (October 2009-October 2011)

                          (Assigned To NE Stokes, Stokes Rockingham)


Vice Chairman:  (Fire Service Member) Robert Snyder (October 2010-October 2012)

                          (Assigned To Double Creek, Pilot Rescue)


Fire Service Member: Donnie Mabe  (October 2009-October 2011)

                          (Assigned To Francisco, Lawsonville)   


Civilian Member:  Melvin Dodson (October 2010-October 2012)

                          (Assigned To South Stokes, Danbury)


Civilian Member:  Mike Pell  (October 2009-October 2011)

                          (Assigned To Double Creek, Pilot Rescue)


Civilian Member:  Steve Fowler  (October 2010-October 2012)

                          (Assigned To Sauratown, Pinnacle)



Ex-Officio/Secretary    Frankie Burcham

                                       Stokes County Fire Marshal


Ex-Officio        Joe James

                          President, Stokes County Fire & Rescue Association





Updated 10-26-10



Post Office Box 20 Danbury, NC 27016