STOKES COUNTY SCHOOLS PROGRAM:  A fire safety educational program geared towards the basics of fire safety such as smoke alarms, home fire evacuation, using the 911 system, and prevention of home hazards.


FIRE SAFETY HOUSE PROGRAM:  Fire safety classes utilizing the Fire Safety House educational tool. This unit will be set-up and used at schools and at community events such as the Stokes County Fair to offer hands on fire safety lessons for children.


HAZARD HOUSE PROGRAM: The Fire Marshal’s Office also offers lessons for children and adults in home fire prevention utilizing the Hazard House resource.


OTHER FIRE SAFETY PRESENTATIONS: The Fire Marshal’s Office also frequently performs numerous other community service fire safety presentations such as: Requests from school groups, senior citizen events, community groups, daycare groups, fire extinguisher and codes training for employees, and other misc. public education functions.


SMOKE DETECTOR PROGRAM: With available funding, the office will provide smoke detectors to needy residents in the county. This often includes site installation as well. The requests for detectors and distribution of the units come through a variety of means including: social workers, home health workers and local firefighters.


PUBLIC ANNOUCEMENTS: When possible, the Fire Marshal’s Office strives to promote fire safety education in the county utilizing the media and/or other available sources.

Public Education

Educating the public in Fire Prevention is a very important part of the Fire Marshals office. If you would like to schedule a class or program with your organization please contact Donna Craig.


The following are a few of the programs we administer: