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Stokes County Emergency Medical Service

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Stokes County Emergency Medical Services is a government operated service for the citizens and visitors of Stokes County. The service area, located in the northwest piedmont of North Carolina, is 458 square miles and serves a population of 47,000. Funds for the operations of the service are provided by appropriations by the Board of County Commissioners through the general county tax base and user fees. The service operates 5 Advanced Life Support Units and 1 ALS Quick Response Unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is a licensed provider by the NC Office of EMS. Units are stationed in the following communities:

· Unit #1—Walnut Cove

· Unit #2—Lawsonville

· Units #3 and # 4—Pinnacle

· Unit # 5—Danbury

· Life One— Danbury

To contact us:

General Information:

EMS Billing: 

Shellie Booe


Greg Collins

Assistant Director:


Training Officer:

Jeremiah Underwood

On-Duty Shift Supervisor:

C. Hartgrove/B. Gentry/D. Bullins






336-593-5409 ext.1703



336-593-5409 ext.1704


336-593-5409 ext.1706


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What’s NEW

The construction  at Station 3 has been completed.
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for more info.

The latest remount (Unit 3) has been delivered and is in service. Click Here for more info.