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Flowchart: Alternate Process: CRIMESTOPPERS
Rounded Rectangle: Communications Center
(336) 593-8139
(336) 593-8130
(336) 593-2851
(336) 593-2852
Rounded Rectangle: CrimeStoppers Website
YOU NEED NOT REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY!* Confidential * Anonymous * Rewards *
(336) 593-2853

Crimestoppers is a program that involves the public, the media and the police in the fight against crime.  It offers anonymity and cash rewards to persons who furnish information leading the arrest of suspects.  Each week, facts about unsolved felony crimes are aired on radio, television and cablevision, printed in various newspapers and circulated to various enforcement agencies throughout the area.  Citizens are asked to call Crimestoppers with any information regarding the crime.  All calls are kept in complete confidence.  Citizens supplying information leading to an arrest are eligible for a reward of up to $2,500.00.  The Crimestoppers Board determines the amount of the award.

Important Numbers

This is designed to aid you in locating phone numbers for individual offices and other miscellaneous departments associated with the Stokes County Emergency Communications (E-911) Center.

Adult Probation


(336) 593-2441

Juvenile Services


(336) 593-2413

King Police Department


(336) 983-0886

NC Highway Patrol



NC Wildlife Enforcement



NC Department of Transportation

Danbury Office

(336) 593-8541

Stokes County Department Directory


(336) 593-2811

Stokes County Animal Control / Shelter


(336) 994-2788

Stokes County Clerk of Court


(336) 593-4400

Stokes County District Attorney


(336) 593-4450

Stokes County Domestic Violence


(336) 593-9323

Stokes County Emergency Management


(336) 593-5409

Stokes County Fire Marshal


(336) 593-2083

Stokes County Forestry Service


(336) 593-8154

Stokes County Home Health


(336) 593-2437

Stokes County Jail


(336) 593-8117

Stokes County Magistrate’s Office

Danbury Office

(336) 593-4470

Stokes County Magistrate’s Office

King Office

(336) 983-6545

Stokes County Mental Health


(336) 593-2149

Stokes County Sheriff’s Office

Main - Records Division

(336) 593-8787

Stokes County Department of Social Services


(336) 593-2861


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