Stokes County Department of Social Services has a Program Integrity Unit that is devoted to investigating cases of fraud, abuse, and waste in public assistance programs. These programs include: Work First, Food and Nutrition Assistance, Day Care, Emergency Assistance, Low Income Energy Assistance, Special Assistance, etc.

Please try to provide as much of the following information as possible when reporting suspected welfare fraud:

Person's name

Address where person actually lives

Contact information for individual, i.e. telephone number, email addresses, etc.

Names of persons living in the home

Place where individual works

Information about other income in the home

What is the person doing to commit fraud?


To report suspected fraud or abuse in public assistance programs in Stokes County you may call 336-593-2861 during regular business hours.

Other contact numbers for reporting fraud:
           Medicaid Provider Fraud in North Carolina: 919-647-8282

           or Help Desk: 1-800-662-7030
           Social Security Fraud:   1-800-849-5195

Reporting Welfare Fraud

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