AUGUST 18, 2008




The Board of Commissioners of the County of Stokes, State of North Carolina, met


for a joint meeting with the Stokes County Board of Education in the Stokes County Schools-


Board Room located at 100 Courthouse Circle, Danbury, North Carolina on Monday,


August 18, 2008 at 4:30 pm with the following members present:


Chairman J. Leon Inman

Vice-Chairman Jimmy Walker

Commissioner Ron Carroll

Commissioner Ernest Lankford

Commissioner Stanley Smith

County Personnel in Attendance:

County Manager K. Bryan Steen

Clerk to the Board Darlene Bullins

Finance Director Julia Edwards

Stokes County Board of Education and School Personnel

Chair Steve D. Shelton

Vice Chair Yvonne M. Rutledge

Member Rebecca P. Boles

Member Sonya M. Cox

Member William F. Hart

Dr. Stewart Hobbs, Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent Donna Boyles

Executive Finance Director Lanette Moore

Administrative Assistant Ann Robertson

Executive Director of Operations David Burge

Maintenance Director Ricky Goins

School Board Attorney Frederick Johnson

SfL+a Architects

Heather Ray

Max Walser

Michael Waugh

Chairman J. Leon Inman called the joint meeting for the Board of Commissioners to




Commissioner Ron Carroll delivered the invocation.



Superintendent Dr. Stewart Hobbs opened the meeting by inviting the citizens in


attendance to join both Boards with the Pledge of Allegiance.




Dr. Hobbs welcomed those in attendance to the joint meeting.


Dr. Hobbs noted that Nancy Reynolds Elementary School has been moved to the


top priority due to extensive structural issues.


Dr. Hobbs introduced Mr. Michael Waugh, SfL+a Architects, who presented the


following power point presentation regarding the three top priorities:


  Three Priorities Nancy Reynolds Elementary School, New Elementary School, and Southeastern Middle School


  Nancy Reynolds Elementary School -Options

o   Renovation of Existing Facility

o   New School on Existing Site

o   New School on New Site

o   New School on New Site combined with Francisco Elementary School

  Considerations for the Option for Nancy Reynolds Elementary School:


o   Costs excessive for structural upgrades - Auditorium would likely need to be rebuilt

o   Entire facility being brought to current code

o   No change in spaces or layout

o   Additions required for core areas

o   Few funds available for upgrades after corrections

o   Continued maintenance and utility costs

o   Accessibility challenges


New School on Existing Site

o   Demo gymnasium for new footprint area

o   School in session during construction

o   Phasing challenges septic field, lack of gym during class, traffic flow on site

o   Cost of demolition on existing facility

New School on New Site

o   No overlap of activities

o   New facility specific to the needs

o   Maintenance & utility savings

New School on New Site Combined with Francisco

o   New building replaces two older facilities

o   Combined maintenance and utility

o   Ability to build to program needs

  Nancy Reynolds Options Cost

o   New Construction Option

Nancy Reynolds ES Replacement Costs estimated between $7,868,000 and $8,938,000

Francisco ES Replacement Costs estimated between $7,323,000 and $8,323,000

Total Cost estimated between $15,191,000 and $17,261,000

o   Renovations and additions Option

Nancy Reynolds Renovation & Additions estimated between $8,920,000 and $10,240,000

Francisco Renovation & Additions estimated between $5,610,000 and $6,430,000

Total Cost estimated between $14,530,000 and $16,670,000

o   Combination Option

Combination of the two schools estimated cost between $10,358,000 and $11,798,000

  SfL+a Architects recommends a new school on new site combined 400 capacity/500 core


  New Elementary School - West Feeder System

o   King Elementary

o   Mount Olive Elementary

o   Pinnacle Elementary

o   Chestnut Grove Middle School

o   West Stokes High School

  General Observations

o   Elementary capacity

o   Traffic flow challenges

o   Facility challenges particular to 1970s buildings

o   Core program requirements

o   Administration requirements

o   Spatial organization

  Elementary Capacity

o   King Elementary capacity 496 current number of students = 580

o   Mount Olive Elementary capacity 428 current number of students =759

o   Pinnacle Elementary capacity 180 current number of students = 219

  New Elementary School -Options Cost

o   Testing cost estimated $145,000

o   Site cost estimated at $1,004,000

o   Total cost including testing, site, and building cost estimated between $15,809,000 and $17,989,000

  Duration of Phase (months

o   Start undefined

o   Schematic Design complete 3 months

o   Design Development complete 3 months

o   Construction Documents complete 6 months

o   Agency Review complete 1 month

o   Out to Bids/Receive Bids 1 month

o   Notice to Proceed 1 month

o   Substantial completion 16 months

  SfL+a Architects recommends a new elementary school 550 capacity/700 core


  Southeastern Middle School

  Additions and Renovations

o   Demolish B building

o   Demolish A building

o   D building becomes storage and support only

o   New classroom wing

o   New facility entry with relocation of Administration along with Guidance and testing area adjacent

o   New Building in location of A with

         Specialty classrooms: IT/Art/AG/Health/etc

         Central computer labs

         Building receiving and storage adjacent dock

o   Circulation continuous within building

o   Adjust site circulation to address stacking room and roadway traffic


o   Minimum two phases

Student occupy building as new classroom wing built

Shift Students to new space

Demolish A&B build into A footprint and renovate

o   Site logistics

  Southeastern Middle Probable Costs

o   Additions and associated renovations estimated between $4,223,670 and $4,857,221

o   Upgrades for existing facility renovations estimated between $1,930,635 and $2,220,230

o   Upgrading existing sites estimated between $512,500 and $589,375

o   Total project costs estimated between $8,850,000 and $10,170,000

  SfL+a Architects recommends extensive additions and renovations


Dr. Hobbs noted the previous structural work done at Nancy Reynolds is only


temporary, facility is in need of major structural repairs with the main building being in the


worst shape. The retaining wall needs to be replaced, but replacement causes major issues.


If replaced, DPI standards would require the retaining wall to be moved back 12 feet which


would be in the sewage field. Placing a new school on the existing site or renovation of


existing facility could require possible demolition of existing facilities.


The Board of Education will be having Town Hall meetings to discuss the options and


make the public aware of the current conditions in the Nancy Reynolds and Francisco areas.


Chairman Inman presented the following financial information presented by


Financial Advisor Doug Carter, DEC, Inc. at the July 28th meeting:


o   County Debt Capacity State statute provides for up to 8% of assessed value for General Obligation/COPS debt (currently .5% is being used with significant statutory capacity remaining

o   Approximately $22,100,00 can be issued in long-term debt anytime from January 2009 to July 2009 from current resources which include the pay down of existing debt and the addition of $800,000 (lottery funds dedicated each year to the Capital Fund (includes approximately $325,000 operating expenses for a new school no increase in county taxes

o   Scenario 2 - Approximately $35,000,000 for schools and $5,300,000 for a community college would use the same resources with the addition of a 3 cents tax increase in fiscal year 2009/10 (no operating cost for community college and the additional $12,900,000 for schools is included in the scenario (revenue from the tax increase must be deposited to the dedicated Capital Fund


Chairman Inman noted the need for both Boards to continue to work together.


Vice Chairman Walker noted he was very encouraged with the progress made by both




Commissioner Carroll requested the Board of Education take into consideration due


respect to the history and geography of Stokes County and the fact that the most cost effective


route is not necessarily the best route when making decisions for school facilities needs.


Commissioner Lankford stated that by working and planning together, both Boards can


provide the best possible plan for the children in Stokes County.


Commissioner Smith stated he has looking forward to this day and is ready to build


schools in Stokes County.


Dr. Hobbs, on behalf of the Board of Education, expressed appreciation to the Board of


Commissioners for their dedication and commitment to Stokes County Schools.


Dr. Hobbs reiterated that the information presented today is only recommendations


that will be considered by the Board of Education in order to make the best decisions possible


for school facilities. He also noted that the Board of Education is currently seeking to purchase


land for future projects.


Dr. Hobbs stated that Stokes County could be receiving an Early College/High


School Program Grant ($350,000 to $400,000 which would allow students to take college


courses during high school. A student would enter the program as a freshman and graduate


after five years with a high school diploma along with either an Associate Degree or a 2 year


college transfer. The Board of Education will be discussing the issue at their meeting later


today. This year would be the planning phase with students entering the program as a freshman


in the fall of 2009.


Chairman Inman noted that the Board of Commissioners is committed to building a


stand-alone community college on the Meadows site. There has been an Environmental


Phase I and Phase II completed with some cleanup work to be done by NCDOT.


Manager Bryan Steen noted that Forsyth Tech. should be getting additional space by


the first of calendar year 2009.


Commissioner Ron Carroll stated that in the past, there were always plans for school


renovations and construction, but there was never enough money to build for the future.


Commissioner Carroll requested both Boards work together to do it right this time.


Chair Steve Shelton, on behalf of the Board of Education, expressed their appreciation


to the Board of Commissioners for their commitment to the children of Stokes County.


County Manager Bryan Steen, on behalf of Economic Development in Stokes County,


expressed his appreciation to the recent assistance received from school administration


regarding a site readiness survey.




There being no further business to come before the Board, Chairman Inman entertained


a motion to adjourn the joint meeting for the Board of Commissioners


Vice Chairman Walker moved to adjourn the joint meeting. Commissioner Smith


seconded and the motion carried unanimously.








_________________________ _____________________________

Darlene M. Bullins J. Leon Inman

Clerk to the Board Chairman