STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA                 )                    OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONERS

                                                            )                    STOKES COUNTY GOVERNMENT

COUNTY OF STOKES                             )                    DANBURY, NORTH CAROLINA

                                                            )                    JUNE 16, 2004




The Board of Commissioners of the County of Stokes, State of North Carolina, met for scheduled budget work session for the proposed Fiscal Year 2004/05 County Budget in the Council Chambers of the Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Building (Administrative Building), located in Danbury, North Carolina, on Wednesday, June 16, 2004, at 6:00 pm

with the following members present:



                                    Chairman Sandy McHugh

                                    Vice-Chairman John Turpin

                                    Commissioner Howard Mabe

                                    Commissioner Leon Inman

                                    Commissioner Joe Turpin


                                    County Manager Richard Morris

                                    County Attorney Jonathan Jordan

                                    Darlene Bullins, Clerk to the Board


                                    Others in Attendance:

                                    Finance Director Julia Edwards

                                    Assistant Finance Director Lisa Lankford

                                    Mr. Jack Veit  - Stokes Intern


Chairman McHugh called the meeting to order.


County Attorney Jonathan Jordan delivered the invocation.




Chairman McHugh opened the meeting by inviting the citizens in attendance to join the Board with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Jo Ann Larkins – Executive Director

Chris Campbell – Finance Director

Kathy Payne – Head Start Director

Pearl Clearly – YVEDDI Transportation Coordinator-Stokes

Sherlene Bailey – Board Member – Stokes County

Lelia Crowder – Board Member - Secretary


Director Larkin requested the funding allocation of  $30,401 as specified in the Budget request. The following programs are included in the funding allocation:


            Legal  = $242

            Administration General  = $362

            Public Transportation Services =$15,564

            Head Start Program =$6,031     

            Weatherization Assistance Program =$8,202

            Total Request = $30,401


Head Start Director Kathy Payne presented information concerning the YVEDDI Head Start Program which operates 4 facilities in Stokes County.  Head Start Program offers services that include medical, dental, health and nutrition, and transportation services based on the needs of each child.  Ms. Payne noted that the Head Start Program requires a 20%

local match or $6,031.


Chairman McHugh requested the amount of in kind contributions that the Head Start Program in Stokes County receives each year such as donations, volunteer hours, fund raisers etc. (total value amount of the in kind contributions to be sent to the County Manager)


Finance Director Chris Campbell stated that for all the in kind contributions that is applied against Federal monies, YVEDDI has to pay a certain local cash against that in kind which is what YVEDDI is requesting.



Ms. Lelia Crowder, Board Member, commented on the excellent job being performed by YVEDDI and the need for the requested amount.


Chairman McHugh also requested the required County match for the following YVEDDI requests:


            Elderly Legal Assistance  = $242

            Administration General  = $362

            Public Transportation Services =$15,564

            Head Start Program =$6,031     

            Weatherization Assistance Program =$8,202

            Total Request = $30,401





The following members were in attendance representing Stokes County Schools:


                                    Vice Chairman Ty Boles

                                    Yvonne Rutledge, School Board Member

                                    Ernest Lankford, School Board Member

                                    Sonya Cox, School Board Member


                                    Dr. Larry Cartner, School Superintendent

                                    Finance Director Lynette Moore


Dr. Cartner presented information concerning the requests from the Board of Commissioners at the June 7th budget session.


Commissioner Joe Turpin requested where the additional increase

 of funding is being expensed?


Dr. Cartner stated the gap is not $6 million, but only $2.2 million.  Dr. Cartner explained the difference in a handout detailing estimated/actual of state/federal.  The figure last year was an estimate of state and federal funding.  The handout included an estimate of increases – retirement contributions, hospitalization insurance, salaries increases, etc.

Handouts also included a three-year history of funding for Stokes County and comparisons of  benchmark counties similar to Stokes County. (does not include federal)


            County Manager Rick Morris requested information concerning the

            Low Wealth Calculation Formula.


Dr. Cartner provided the Board with a handout detailing the actual Low Wealth Supplemental Funding formula which is calculated by Department Public Instruction. (DPI)  Dr. Cartner reiterated the $1.39 importance which is a three-year rolling average.


Chairman McHugh requested the following information:

Out of the $49 million in funding, what % goes into the Classroom

 for teachers, teacher benefits, supplies, etc?


Dr. Cartner presented a handout, which details the percentage of budget that goes directly to the classroom.  The handout also includes function code explanation, fiscal year 2003/04 personnel summary, employee review, number of teachers as compared to benchmark counties, number of teachers as compared to benchmark counties, number of

clerical employees system wide as compared to benchmark counties, and central office benchmarks.


Chairman McHugh requested information concerning recent renovations at the

            Central Office Building in Danbury, cost of renovations, cost of furniture,

            and funding source in current school budget.


Dr. Cartner presented a handout, which summarizes facts concerning the renovations recently completed at the Central Office totaling $23,291.74.


(all handouts pertaining to questions will be attached to the original meetings)    


County Manager Rick Morris suggested that possibly a written agreement should be completed to outline the County’s responsibilities and the Board of Education’s responsibilities.


Dr. Cartner reiterated the critical need for the requested additional $380,000 in funding, which without would be possible cuts instructional, increase in combination classes, etc.


Vice Chairman Ty Boles also reiterated the need of the $380,000 in funding.


Board Member Yvonne Rutledge noted the complicated budget with the mandatory requirements.


Board Member Ernest Lankford noted the need for funding for instructional.


Board Member Sonja Cox had no comments.


Dr. Cartner concluded that with everything earmarked to fund balance would drop the balance below $400,000.  Fund balance is used for emergencies such as a need for a specialized teacher, unexpected air conditioning problems, etc.


Veteran’s Services

Veteran’s Services Officer Ernest Lankford


Mr. Lankford noted the following concerning the proposed Veteran’s Services Budget:


            Veteran Population slightly increased from 2003 to 2004

            Benefits for veterans and dependents remain about the same

            Annual contacts with veterans increased from 950 (2003) to 1500 (2004)

            Training for computer system continues

            Benefits income for Stokes County increase from $4,162,000 (2003) to $6,365,000 (2004)           

            Increase of 5% for Veteran’s Service Officer in proposed budget

            Increase of veterans moving into Stokes County

            Increase in medical coverage for veterans during last year

            WWII Veterans benefits decreasing with the number of Korean War and Vietnam War increasing

            Need for direct line for veteran’s to be able to access veteran’s office easier




There being no further business to come before the Board, Chairman McHugh moved to adjourn the budget work session. 


Commissioner Inman seconded and the motion carried unanimously.




_________________________                                  _____________________________

Darlene Bullins                                                       Sandy McHugh

Clerk to the Board                                                  Chairman