Leon Inman, Chairman                                                                                    

Jimmy Walker, Vice-Chairman

Ron Carroll, Member

Ernest Lankford, Member

Stanley Smith, Member




             Regular Meeting Board of Commissioners

                                 Planning & Community Development

February 3, 2009

   Danbury, NC



INVOCATION                                                                                                 7:00 pm





  I. APPROVAL OF AGENDA                                                                        7:05 pm

          Chairman Leon Inman


1. Rezoning Request #210– John Rex Mathis III      RA to H-B _              Attachment A


2. Conditional Use Request #211– Stokes County_- EMS Facility               Attachment B





II. PUBLIC HEARING/ZONING ISSUES –ACTION ITEMS                       7:10 pm

             Chairman Leon Inman


1. Rezoning Request #210– John Rex Mathis III      RA to H-B                 Attachment A


2. Conditional Use Request #211– Stokes County_- EMS Facility               Attachment B




III.  PUBLIC COMMENTS                                                                               8:15 pm

            Chairman Leon Inman




V.  DISCUSSION AGENDA                                                                           8:35 pm

              Chairman Leon Inman





·         Anyone with disability (ies) who needs an accommodation to participate in this meeting is requested to inform us 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the affected group meeting.


·         Attachments may be delivered before or at the time of the meeting


·         Times may vary due to times preset for agenda items







                         John Rex Mathis RA to H-B #210

    (Stokes County EMS station)



REQUEST:  Request by property owner John Rex Mathis III to rezone approximately .8734 acres of property from RA (Residential Agricultural) to H-B (Highway Business).


SITE OWNER: John Rex Mathis III


APPLICANT:  John Rex Mathis III


SITE LOCATION: The property is located at the corner of NC Hwy 66 and Denny Rd. (SR# 2000)


Map: 690404  Parcel: 8048   PIN #: 6904-04-60-4590, 6904-04-60-6530, 6904-04-60-5422


Deed Book: 578 & 579          Pages: 533 & 1991                 Township: Yadkin





PARCEL SIZE: Total tract .8734 acres, approximately 38,045.3 sq. ft.


            ZONING DISTRICT: RA (Residential Agricultural)


PROPOSED DISTRICT: H-B (Highway Business)




FIRM MAP #: 3710690400J           


FIRM MAP ZONE: Property is located in Zone X, area determined to be outside

the 500-year floodplain.




SEPTIC/WATER APPROVAL: Public water (City of King), septic approval has been issued for a business with four employees.




EMERGENCY SERVICES: Sauratown VFD, EMS - Station # 3 & 4 -Pinnacle.


EROSION CONTROL: When construction begins, if necessary. Less than one (1) acre being disturbed.


ACCESS: Access is proposed off of NC Hwy 66. NCDOT must approve a commercial driveway access.


SURROUNDING LAND USE: The subject property is located at the corner of Denny Rd and NC Hwy 66. The property is currently zoned RA (Residential Agricultural). The City of King owns property adjacent to the site which is utilized for a water tower. There is a small H-B (Highway Business) parcel next to the site that also has frontage on NC Hwy 66. There currently is a residence on this property. The driveway for this residence encroaches on the parcel involved in the rezoning request. The remaining surrounding property is zoned M-1 (Light Manufacturing). Property across NC Hwy 66 is zoned RA (Residential Agricultural) and is currently used for residential purposes. Property across from Denny Rd. is zoned RA (Residential Agricultural) and is a part of the Mount Olive Cemetery.



  • Impact on surrounding development.

·         Consistency with surrounding development.

  • Impact on community infrastructure, roads, public services etc.
  • Potential tax base increase due to increased commercial development.


STAFF COMMENTS: The rezoning request comes to the Board as a general use rezoning request in the H-B (Highway Business) zoning district; you may discuss the plat plan and commercial use of the property in general not specific terms. There is currently an older house on parcel 6904-04-60-5422 and a singlewide mobile home on parcel 6904-04-60-5422. The applicant has indicated that these would be removed from these parcels. The property which is currently used for residential purposes is surrounded by commercial property to the south, (H-B) and commercial property (M-1) and a City of King water tower to the east.  The commercial property to the south (H-B) is currently used for residential purposes and was zoned commercially under the original adoption of the zoning ordinance in 1983. The commercial property to the east was recently amended with a Conditional Use permit approved on 10-02-07 for (12) mini-storage warehouses. The requested change of the property to H-B (Highway Business) does not appear to be out of context with the immediate surrounding property. Residential use of the property may be an option, but the most appropriate use may be for commercial purposes. The property has access to public water but will be served by a septic system. There are limitations to the uses that can be allowed on the property due to existing infrastructure and the size of the parcel. If the rezoning petition is approved a site plan would have to be submitted for any specific use proposed.


PLANNING BOARD RECOMMENDATION: The Planning Board voted 8 to 0 to recommend approval of rezoning request #210 from RA (Residential Agricultural) to H-B (Highway Business). The Board felt that the request for a commercial zoning district was consistent with the surrounding zoning classifications and the mixed uses along NC Hwy 66.


Conditional Use Permit # 211

   (Stokes County EMS station)



REQUEST:  The County of Stokes is requesting a Conditional Use permit for the construction of an Emergency Medical Service facility.


SITE OWNER: Stokes County


APPLICANT: Stokes County


SITE LOCATION: The property is located on the west side of Chestnut Grove Rd. (SR# 1139) approximately .2 mile south of the Chestnut Grove Rd. and Volunteer Rd. intersection across from Sterling Pointe Dr., (Prestwick subdivision).


Map: 5993                              Parcel: 6915               PIN #: 5993-01-17-6915

Deed Book: 404                     Page: 828                    Township: Yadkin




PARCEL SIZE: Total tract 1.52 acre


ZONING DISTRICT: R-20 (Residential Low Density) this property is a combination of lots 1 & 2 in the Wildwood Cove subdivision recorded 8-24-77 and amended 12-29-78.


FLOOD HAZARD AREA: Not located in flood hazard area.                  


FIRM MAP #: 3710599300J


FIRM MAP ZONE: Zone X - Area outside 500-year floodplain.




SEPTIC/WATER APPROVAL: Public water (City of King). Soil has been found to be provisional suitable for a septic system. Final plans for the building need to be submitted before the septic system layout can be finalized.


EMERGENCY SERVICES: King VFD, EMS - Station # 3 & 4 Pinnacle


ACCESS:  Driveway access will be off of Chestnut Grove Rd. and should be approved by NCDOT



SURROUNDING PROPERTY: The surrounding property is zoned R-20 (Residential Low-Density) to the north, RA (Residential Agricultural) to the south and west and RE (Residential Exclusive) Prestwick subdivision to the east. The surrounding housing types are manufactured housing and stick built homes. 


STAFF COMMENTS:  The Planning staff views this request as a necessary public safety facility which will provide benefits for the entire county. The Conditional Use permit for this facility falls under County Government uses in the R-20 (Residential Low-Density) zoning district. The County Government uses category was created for any public use of land or a building that the County may need to provide public services to the citizens. The current EMS building in Pinnacle needs repairs and is not adequate to handle expanded growth in the area and is not suitable for expansion. The Board may add conditions to the request to ensure the use will be compatible and acceptable to the community.


PLANNING BOARD RECOMMENDATION: The Planning Board voted 8 to 0 to recommend approval of Conditional Use permit # 211 for an EMS facility under County Governmental Uses. The Board made some general comments and expressed some concerns about the proposed facility. They asked if there was adequate land available for future expansion of the facility. The Board also asked if there would be provisions for more than two ambulances an onsite fueling station and an area for washing the vehicles.





(a)    The requested use is listed among the special uses in the district for which application is made.


                 (b)  The requested use is essential or desirable to the public convenience or welfare.


                 (c)  The requested use will not impair the integrity or character of the surrounding or adjoining districts, nor be detrimental to the health, morals, or welfare.


               (d) Due consideration has been given to the suitability of the property for the use applied for with respect to trends of growth or change; the effect of the proposed use upon the community; requirements for transportation, schools, parks, playgrounds, recreational area, conservation of natural resources, preservation of floodplains, and encouraging the most appropriate use of the land.


                 (e) Adequate utilities, access roads, drainage, sanitation and/or other necessary facilities have been or are being provided.


                 (f)    That adequate measures have been or will be taken to provide ingress and egress so designed as to minimize traffic congestion in the public streets.