J. Leon Inman, Chairman
Jimmy Walker, Vice Chairman
Ron Carroll, Commissioner
Ernest Lankford, Commissioner
Stanley Smith, Commissioner
Thursday, December 27, 2007
Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Building
Danbury, NC 27016
6:00 PM
Pledge of Allegiance
I Approval of Agenda                                                                                                   6:05 pm
Chairman J. Leon Inman
II Public Comments                                                                                                       6:10 pm
Chairman J. Leon Inman
III Consent Agenda                                                                                                         6:40 pm
Chairman J. Leon Inman
a.  Minutes of December 4, 2007
     Minutes of December 10, 2007
    (attachments A)
b.  Tax Administration Report - November 2007
    (attachment B)
c.  Appointment - Work Force Development Board
    (attachment C)
IV Information Agenda                                                                                                  6:50 pm
Chairman J. Leon Inman
a. Comments - Manager and Commissioners
    County Manager Bryan Steen
    Board of Commissioners
V Discussion Agenda                                                                                                    7:10 pm
Chairman J. Leon Inman
a.  Appointments
    1.  King Planning Board/Board of Adjustments- ETJ Position
    2.  Local Firefighter's Relief Fund Board
    3.  Planning Board - Yadkin Township
    Chairman J. Leon Inman
    (attachment D)
b.  Inventory of County Property and Space Needs - Continuation
     County Manager Bryan Steen
     (attachment E)
c.  Tax Surplus Property - Upset Bid Process
      Support Services Supervisor Danny Stovall
      (attachment F)
d.  Surplus Vehicles - Bid Process
      Support Services Supervisor Danny Stovall
      (attachment G)
VI Action Agenda                                                                                                            7:30 pm
a.  Proposed FTCC - Environmental Study - Meadows Property - Update
      Support Services Supervisor Danny Stovall
      (attachment H)
b.  Proposed GIS Aerial Photo Project
      Support Services Supervisor Danny Stovall
      Tax Administrator Jake Oakley
      (attachment I)
c.  Employer Support of National Guard/Reserve - Proposed Resolution
      Chairman J. Leon Inman
      (attachment J)
d.  Proposed Volunteer Mileage Reimbursement - Home Delivered Meal Program
      Chairman J. Leon Inman
      (attachment K)
e. Separation Allowance - Retired Law Enforcement Officers - Proposed Resolution
      Chairman J. Leon Inman
      (attachment L)
f.  Proposed Resolution - PART - Seamless Mobility Study
      Chairman J. Leon Inman
     (attachment M)
VII Closed Session                                                                                                           8:00 pm
Chairman J. Leon Inman
*Anyone with disability(ies) who needs an accommodation to participate in this meeting is
requested to inform us 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the affected group meeting
*Attachments may be delivered before or at the time of the meeting
*Times may vary due to times preset for agenda items