J. Leon Inman, Chairman

Jimmy Walker, Vice Chairman

Ron Carroll, Commissioner

Ernest Lankford, Commissioner

Stanley Smith, Commissioner




January 6, 2007

Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Building

Danbury, NC  27016

9:00  am




Pledge of Allegiance


  Opening Remarks

   Chairman Leon Inman


   A.  Review of County’s Financial Status

         Finance Director Julia Edwards


   B.   Review of First Quarter Revenue/Expenditure Review

          Interim County Manager Darlene Bullins


   C.   Review of 2006 Budget Retreat

         Interim County Manager Darlene Bullins


   D.   Open Discussion and Strategic Planning

          Chairman Inman

          a.  Review of County Departments

·         User friendly departments

·         Recreation – possible in house

·         Recreation Centers within the County

·         Review of Legal Needs

           b. Review of County Facilities

·         Utilization of County owned property

·         Old Prison Camp Facility – Utilized by County or possible rental use


c. Economic Development

·         Utilities including water and sewer

·         Infrastructure

·         Landfill off #311 – Joint venture with Waste Management

           d. Health Care Issues

·         Reopening of King Clinic

·         Stokes Reynolds Memorial Hospital

·         Health Services Alliance

·         Veterans’ Clinic

·         Mental Health Services-delivery of services

·         EMS – Location of units in fire departments

           e.  Tourism

·         Motel and conference center in or near Danbury

·         Historical Preservation

           f.  District Plan for electing Commissioners and School Board

           g. Schools

·         School Facilities

·         Bond Referendum

·         School Funding

·         Community College facility in the county

           h. Staff Personnel Classification and Salary Study

           i.  County Manager’s vacant position

           j.  Develop county vision

           k. Develop one-year/four year goals - Strategies to achieve goals


   E.   Conclusion

          Chairman Leon Inman





q        Anyone with disability(ies) who needs an accommodation to participate in this meeting is

       requested to inform us 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the affected group meeting.

q       Attachments may be delivered before or at the time of the meeting

q       Times may vary due to times preset for agenda items