John Turpin, Chairman

Leon Inman, Vice-Chairman

Sandy McHugh, Member

Joe Turpin, Member

Jimmy Walker, Member




     November 28, 2005

Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Building

Danbury, NC

   7:00  pm




Pledge of Allegiance


   I.  Approval of Minutes/Agenda                                                         7:05 pm

        Chairman John Turpin 

         November 14, 2005

        (Attachment A)


 II.   Public Comments                                                                                7:10 pm

         Chairman John Turpin


III.   CenterPoint –Biannual Update                                                      7:35 pm

         CEO- Betty Taylor-CenterPoint

         County Manager Rick Morris

         Captain Al Tuttle – Sheriff’s Department

         Captain Craig Carico - Jail  


IV.  Tax Administration Report                                                                8:00 pm

         Tax Administrator Wren Carmichael

         (Attachment B)


  V.   Proposed Jail Contract- Meals                                                        8:20 pm

         Support Services Supervisor Danny Stovall

         Captain Craig Carico - Jail  

         (Attachment C)


VI.   Proposed Cost Allocation Plan – F/Y 05-07                                8:35 pm

         Finance Director Julia Edwards

         (Attachment D)  


VII.  Proposed E911 Software Upgrade/New Position                     8:50 pm

         County Manager Rick Morris

         Sheriff Mike Joyce

         (Attachment E)


VIII. Proposed Facility Move Plan                                                         9:10 pm

          County Manager Rick Morris

          (Attachment F)


 IX.   Old Business                                                                                      9:40 pm

           Chairman John Turpin

A.      Budget Ordinance Amendments- F/Y 2005-06

Finance Director Julia Edwards

(Attachments G)

  B.   Re-Appointments and Appointments

  Chairman John Turpin 

  (Attachment H)


   X.   New Business                                                                                    9:45 pm

           Chairman John Turpin



q       Anyone with disability(ies) who needs an accommodation to participate in this meeting is

       requested to inform us 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the affected group meeting.

q       Attachments may be delivered before or at the time of the meeting

q       Times may vary due to times preset for agenda items