John Turpin, Chairman

Leon Inman, Vice-Chairman

Sandy McHugh, Member

Joe Turpin, Member

Jimmy Walker, Member



May 9, 2005

King Public Library

101 Pilot View Drive, King, NC

(corner of Dalton and Pilot View Roads)


7:00 pm



Pledge of Allegiance


I. Approval of Minutes/Agenda 7:05 pm

Chairman John Turpin

April 25, 2005

April 27, 2005

(Attachment A)


II. Presentation New Garbage Vehicles 7:10 pm

Presentation New Fire Marshal Vehicle

Presentation New Animal Control Vehicle

Chairman John Turpin


III. Public Comments 7:20 pm

Chairman John Turpin


IV. Jail Inspection Report 7:50 pm

Jail Captain Craig Carico

County Manager Rick Morris

(Attachment B)


V. Proposed HCCBG Funding Recommendation 8:00 pm

Chairman Lou Charland Aging Committee

Secretary Lynn Martens Aging Committee

(Attachment C)

VI. Proposed EMS Proclamation EMS Week 8:15 pm

Commissioner Sandy McHugh

Emergency Services Director Monty Stevens

(Attachment D)


VII. Proposed Architectural Bids for Walnut Cove Library Expansion 8:25 pm

Services Support Supervisor Danny Stovall

Walnut Cove Librarian Betty Smith

(Attachment E)


VIII. Proposed Workmen Comp./Liability Insurance Renewals 8:35 pm

Services Support Supervisor Danny Stovall

(Attachment F)

IX. Old Business 8:50 pm

Chairman John Turpin

A. Budget Ordinance Amendments (Fiscal Year 2004/05)

Finance Director Julia Edwards (Attachment G)

B.       Re-Appointments and Appointments

Chairman John Turpin (Attachment H)

C.      King Clinic Update

County Manager Rick Morris


X. New Business 9:00 pm

Chairman John Turpin

XI. Closed Session 9:05 pm

Chairman John Turpin




q       Anyone with disability(ies) who needs an accommodation to participate in this meeting is

requested to inform us 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the affected group meeting.

q       Attachments may be delivered before or at the time of the meeting

q       Times may vary due to times preset for agenda items