Sandy McHugh, Chairman

John Turpin, Vice-Chairman

Howard Mabe, Member

Leon Inman, Member

Joe Turpin, Member




October 11, 2004

King Public Library, 101 Pilot View Drive, King, NC 27021

(corner of Dalton and Pilot View Roads)

7:00 pm




Pledge of Allegiance


Welcome Kay Phillips Chairman King Public Library Board of Directors


I. Approval of Minutes/Agenda 7:05 pm

Chairman Sandy McHugh

September 27, 2004

(Attachment A)


II. Public Comments 7:10 pm

Chairman Sandy McHugh


III. Proposed Health Dept. School Nurses 7:40 pm

Ms. Erma Perkins PHN II-Nursing Supervisor (Attachment B)


IV. Proposed Park Contracts 7:55 pm

East Walnut Cove Park

County Manager Rick Morris (Attachments C)

V. Proposed Merit Program 8:10 pm

County Manager Rick Morris (Attachment D)

VI. Old Business 8:25 pm

Chairman Sandy McHugh

A. Budget Ordinance Amendments (Fiscal Year 2004/05)

Finance Director Julia Edwards (Attachments E)

B.       Re-Appointments and Appointments

Chairman Sandy McHugh (Attachment F)

C.       Refunding 1996 & 1998 GO Bonds -Update

County Manager Rick Morris

Finance Director Julia Edwards

(Attachments G)

D.      Proposed Sales Tax Reallocation Program-Recommendation

County Manager Rick Morris


VII. New Business 8:45 pm

Chairman Sandy McHugh

A.      Proposed 2005 Holiday Schedule

Chairman Sandy McHugh

(Attachment H)




Anyone with disability(ies) who needs an accommodation to participate in this meeting is

requested to inform us 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the affected group meeting.


Attachments may be delivered before or at the time of the meeting times may vary due to

times preset for agenda items