Sandy McHugh, Chairman

John Turpin, Vice-Chairman

Howard Mabe, Member

Leon Inman, Member

Joe Turpin, Member

                                   REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

                                                                     April 26, 2004

                                                                      Danbury,  NC

                                                                        7:00  pm



Pledge of Allegiance


Public Hearing

NC Department of Transportation                                                                                                 7:05pm

Proposed Secondary Road Improvement Program F/Y 2004-05

Chairman Sandy McHugh


Public Hearing

Proposed Exotic Animal Ordinance                                                                               

(follows Public Hearing-Secondary Construction Program -NCDOT )

Chairman Sandy McHugh


Special Note : Agenda Item Scheduled times are approximate due to (2) Scheduled Public Hearings


   I.  Approval of Minutes/Agenda                                                                                                  7:30 pm

       Chairman Sandy McHugh 

       April 6, 2004 and April 12, 2004 (Attachments A)


  II.  Public Comments                                                                                                                       7:35 pm

        Chairman Sandy McHugh


III.  Review– Proposed Secondary Road Improvement Program                                         8:05 pm

        Fiscal Year  2004-2005   

        District Engineer Mike Shaffner-NCDOT

        Assistant District Engineer Robert McMath - NCDOT

        Division Maintenance Engineer Mike Patton-NCDOT(Attachment B)


IV.  Celebrate the Past – 100th Anniversary Historic Courthouse                                          8:20 pm

        President Charles Farlow-Stokes County Historical Society


V.   Tax Administration Report                                                                                                        8:35 pm

      Tax Administrator Wren Carmichael  (Attachment C)


VI.  Proposed Exotic Animal Ordinance                                                                                        8:45 pm

        Chief Animal Control Officer Sarah Shumate

        County Attorney Jonathan Jordan  (Attachment D)


VII. Emergency Management Ordinance                                                                                     9:05 pm

       Chairman Sandy McHugh


VIII.  Old Business                                                                                                                              9:20 pm

         Chairman Sandy McHugh

A.    Budget Amendments (Fiscal Year 2003/04)

    Finance Director Julia Edwards (Attachments E)

         B.     Appointments

    Chairman Sandy McHugh (Attachment F)   

         C.    Contract-Cable Franchise -Piedmont Triad Council-Update

   County Attorney Jonathan Jordan

D.       Town of Rural Hall Fire District Contract Revision

County Manager Rick Morris (Attachment G)


IX.   New Business                                                                                                                               9:40 pm

         Chairman Sandy McHugh

A.       NC Jail Inspection-Jail Population/Construction Management-Update

County Manager Rick Morris


Anyone with disability(ies) who needs an accommodation to participate in this meeting is requested to inform us 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the affected group meeting.


Attachments may be delivered before or at the time of the meeting