Sandy McHugh, Chairman

John Turpin, Vice-Chairman

Howard Mabe, Member

Leon Inman, Member

Joe Turpin, Member



March 24, 2003

Danbury, NC   -  7:00 pm




Pledge of Allegiance


Dedication – Display of Historical Documents

Chairman Sandy McHugh


  I.   Approval of Minutes/Agenda                                                                           7:15 pm

        Chairman Sandy McHugh

        March 10, 2003  - (Attachment A)


 II.   Public Comments                                                                                              7:20 pm

         Chairman Sandy McHugh


III.   Proposed Community College Satellite Center                                              7:50 pm

         Dr. Gary M. Green – President- FTCC

         Mr. Ken Jarvis –V. President-Business Services-FTCC

         Chairman Sandy McHugh


 IV.  Soil/Water Update/Proposed Vol. Agricultural Districts                              8:10pm

          District Supervisor James Booth

          (Attachment B)


  V.    Banking Services                                                                                              8:30pm

          Finance Director Julia Edwards

          Mr. Gerald Sink –  V. President – Lexington State Bank

          Mr. Calvin Layne – V. President – Central Carolina Bank

          Mr. Don Symons – V. President – First Citizens Bank


 VI.    Tax Administration Report                                                                             8:45pm

             Interim Tax Administrator Jake Oakley

           (Attachment C)


 VII.   Veterans’ Administration - Update                                                               9:00pm

            Veterans’ Service Officer Ernest Lankford


 VIII.  LEPC/EOC- Update                                                                                         9:10pm

           City of King Fire Dept/Stokes Co. EMS Complaint Policy

EMS Director Ricky Tuttle (Attachment D)

            Support Service Supervisor Danny Stovall


 IX.    E911 Communications-Radio System Update                                              9:25pm

           Interim Communications Director Christi Fulp

           Support Service Supervisor Danny Stovall


  X.    Sheriff’s Dept./Jail Update                                                                                         9:35pm

             Sheriff Mike Joyce

          Jail Captain Craig Carico


XI.    Old Business                                                                                                     9:50pm

A.     Appointments (Attachment E)


XII.   New Business                                                                                                   9:55pm

A.     NCDOT-Road Addition – (Attachment F)

B.     Budget Issues (F/Y 2002-03) – Chairman Sandy McHugh


Anyone with disability(ies) who needs an accommodation to participate in this meeting is

requested to inform us 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the affected group meeting.


Attachments may be delivered before or at the time of the meeting