"Pet Owners Pledge"

I am acquiring a pet to love and enjoy.

It is a privilege to own a pet

I have a responsibility to care for my pet during its life expectancy

I am not impulsively obtaining a pet

I have consulted the other members of my household.

I have considered how it will change my lifestyle.

I know my responsibility in regard to food, water, housing, medical care, training and expense.

I am aware of society's animal surplus problem and my part in it.

I will control my pet's ability to produce offspring by having it spayed and neutered.

I will follow state and local laws pertaining to my pet and prevent it from infringing on the rights of others.

I will not abandon my pet.

If I cannot properly care for my pet, I will try to find it a good home.

If no other choice, I will take it to an animal shelter for possible community placement,

or I will take responsibility myself and have it humanely euthanized by a veterinarian.